4.9 5 0 8 8 Maynards Bassetts The Heritage Collection Wine Gums with Cadbury Easter Egg is now available for Easter 2020. This product retails in a 162g partly recyclable pack containing one hollow milk chocolate egg made with Cadbury Dairy Milk, and one roll of Maynards Bassetts fruit flavour Wine Gums made with natural colours, and featuring the Cocoa Life Partnering with Fairtrade Foundation logo.
Maynards Bassetts The Heritage Collection Wine Gums with Cadbury Easter Egg
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Again love this 😍 ❣️ but it's chocolate who don't 😂
Wine gum Easter egg
Omg what a fantastic idea putting my mums favourite sweets & chocolate together she enjoyed this so much as I did ,bag of wine gum & a medium chocolate egg love it.
More chocolate
I bought this for my son who absolutely loves winegums. I got it for £3 well worth the money. Not very often I see winegums with easter eggs.
good for the price
i got this for my dad for easter, it was £3.50 which i didn't think was too expensive, only comes with one tube of wine gums and the egg is just plain chocolate but it was still a nice one for him to have as winegums are his favourite! could probably get a better one for the same money but he liked it so im happy
Wine Gums and Chocolate....whats not to like
I nought my Grandsons the Maynards Wine Gums Easter eggs this Easter, because they both love Chocolate and Maynards Wine Gums, so this was a win win situation, the boys loved the eggs and saved the tasty wine Gums for a Cinema afternoon..a great dual purpose gift of good quality treats from a favourite brand
Two of my favourite sweetie things together, yummy. It was great value as I pick it up in the sale, thumbS up from me
My Dads favourite
Purchased this for Easter for my Dad originally but I ate it & had to replace. Can’t go wrong with Cadbury’s & the gums are so moorish. Purchased more after Easter in the sale, would be rude not to 🍫🍬
Dads Wine Gum Easter Surprise
This Wine Gums Easter Egg was actually a gift for my dad. I purchased it from Tescos with my online shopping. My dad was over the moon 🌙 as he loves wind gums so not only did he get his chocolate fix he also had his favourite sweets as well. One very happy dad😁👍 Fantastic quality and excellent value for money.

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