4.2 5 0 20 20 McCain Crinkle Cut Quick Chips have been repackaged in a newly designed pack. They are prepared with 100% British potatoes and sunflower oil and can be only microwave heated from frozen in three minutes. They are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. This halal and kosher certified product contains no artificial colours or preservatives and retails in a 400g recyclable pack containing 4 x 100g individual boxes and featuring the Facebook and Twitter logos and the Red Tractor label for Assured Food Standards Made in UK.
McCain Crinkle Cut Quick Chips
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Quick and easy
I honestly think these are fine for how quick they are. My kids love them for a quick side with a pizza or something. There obviously not as good as chips cooked in the oven, but for a couple of minutes wait, you can’t go wrong!
Tried again but tasted a bit meh
I tried these years ago once and felt they were a little bit cardboardy. So I revisited them over lockdown as the idea of something quick and easy appealed and I felt that they must be better by now. They had improved but still don’t taste quite like chips you have cooked for longer. Maybe it’s psychological with the cooking method? Cooking them was very easy and very quick but I’m not sure that is enough to want to buy them again.
Very quick and easy if you have not got time but not very tasty
These crinkle chips are good for a quick and easy meals. I thought the texture was dry and the taste of the oil of fat tasted disgusting. Wouldn’t recommend, would stick to oven chips
Perfect freezer filler
These are the perfect portion size & ideal for when my children come in from school wanting dinner straight away or when we're in a rush. We often serve with ham & beans, so it's just enough. Would definitely recommend, although they can be a little pricey when not on offer.
McCain Crinkle Cut Quick Chips
McCain Crinkle Cut Quick Chips are an easy snack to prepare. One family.member enjoys them, I however am not a fan. They do not taste the same like oven chips. So that puts me off. The fat/oil they use with it tastes unnatural so they could improve the oil coating aspect.
I can't believe that chips in the microwave are not only edible they're surprisingly nice. Fluffy in the middle and crisp on the outside. Only needs some salt and vinegar and they were perfect
quick chips!
Good chips in a hurry. Only downside the box did not seem to have enough in it. Still very tasty and dont go hard like some chips can Overall would buy again as its very convenient
McCain Quick Chips
Great store cupboard favourite. Good for a quick snack or adding to a sandwich or meal. Not quite as good as the "real" thing but a very acceptable substitute. I always have them handy.
Quick and Easy
Love these McCain Crinkle Cut Quick Chips. There so convenient, just open the box, fold the lid over pop them in the microwave one or two boxes only at a time, 2mins then give the box a shake then pop them back in & follow instructions depending on your microwave wattage. The chips are yummy, with a sprinkle of salt. If you overcook they can taste a lil cardboard or if you leave them too long they can start to go hard. But overall a generous portion size for the size of the box, quick and easy to cook, always have a few boxes in our freezer especially as my sister works long hours as a vet nurse & gets home late sometimes.
Nostalgia in a box! Much prefer the crinkle cut version
Love. Love. Love.
I LOVE quick chips and have been a fan for years! Easy to cook, and a great little snack. I'm not a fan of the new packaging (as it's an increase in the amount of plastic, compared to previous). I buy these every week - my fav!
Quick and easy
Love these so quick and easy to use and have and taste yum only problem is not enough lol Would recommend to others to try
Ultimate convenience food- you don’t even need to use an oven! Lovely texture and surprisingly good for a microwave product!
Juts not enough.
The only issue with these are there's not enough in the box. They're the ultimate comfort food. Soft, floppy, but so so moreish.

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