4 5 0 6 6 British potatoes, Prepared with sunflower oil, Suitable for vegetarians
McCain Gourmet Chips Triple Cooked with Cornish Sea Salt
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One of my favourite home chips
These are super tasty but the only downside is they are quite pricey. But as a treat to go with a nice bit of steak...these are the chips for you!
These was ok but over priced for what you get.better of just getting a large bag of normal chis adding salt and pepper.
McCain Gourmet Chips Triple Cooked with Cornish Sea Salt
I loved the idea of these when I saw them in store so bought some. I’m not normally of cooking things in the tin as I find they come out undercooked. So as predicted they did, put them back in for 10 mins & I’m glad I did. They’re amazing! Tastes delicious with many types of meals. Highly recommended!
Lovely chunky chips. Personally like my chips with a little more crunch so cooked them for slightly longer than advised.
These are lovely chunky chips and crispy remind me of my mums proper home cooked chips
These are delicious but it's best if you cook them for around 5 minutes longer than the instructions tell you.
I love macains chips and seeing these make me so happy i havent found them in any shop yet but when i do ill happy be trying them
These look so nice.I haven't tried them yet as I haven't seen them before
Perfect way to get lovely home cooked chips like you get in a restaurant.
Will definitely be looking out for this when next shopping sounds lovely.

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