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McCain Mashed Potato
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McCain Mashed Potato
McCain Mashed Potato is a frozen product that can be cooked in the microwave in minutes. I recommend for those days where children request a quick cottage pie for dinner. Easy made product for lazy days. Tastes creamy and smooth. Recommend
McCain mash
Brilliant, so easy to make. Smooth and creamy, add a little salt and butter to make it special.
Taste really yummy and a hit with the kids. I would 100% recommend and it’s so quick to use
mashed heaven
excellent so easy magic product on special at coles 1/2 price
Lets get Mashed
This is ok if your a busy mum or person and want mash in a hurry as long as you add lots and lots of butter and pepper its almost like homemade. It is soft and fluffy has no nasty lumps and if you have the time use a mash ricer to get the extra smoothness you want. Can be done but will never really beat proper homemade mash. I do always have it in my freezer just in case I am in a rush like I am always so yes comes in very handy.
Fluffy like clouds
I got this for my grandchild for quick and easy mash , she absolutely loves this mash she calls it fluffy clouds for tea at nannas house . If it’s a hit with my girl it’s a hit with me .
Omg these were delicious, so quick and easy, not 1 of my family could believe they were frozen! Why can I no longer find this in shops??
Quick and easy to use and nice flavor to it. The portion sizes are more than enough for a large family.
Its ok for a quick and convenient if you our in a hurry but wouldnt be a product on my weekly shopping list
I always love to have a ready made mash as a backup (yep, i can be lazy) and this one is great. It's quick to prepare and just good to have on standby. Nothing's going to be as good as freshly prepared mash but this does come close and certainly comes in handy.
My girls love this mash, it is buttery and very smooth. It is so convenient as it only take a few minutes in the microwave and it is ready, perfect for a quick dinner in the week!!
i always have a bag of mash in the freezer, it is handy to have in if you need mash in a hurry or if it is just for one person and you cant be bothered to peel potatoes. It is lovely tadste and smooth, i do add a bit extra butter.
Really good for quickness, needs more seasoning. Would be good if it was available as a cheesy mash too...
its ok but why would you buy it its easy mash potato's and will work out cheaper
never try it or heard of it be for it looks yummy id like to try it thank you.

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