4.5 5 0 18 18 Ridged for maximum flavour, Prepared with sunflower oil, Suitable for vegetarians
McCain Nacho Cheese Flavour Ridged Wedges
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Best wedges ive had. Pity i cant seem to purcahse them anywhere now though! Great cheesey flavour and love ridged/crinkle potato products as i think it helps a more even cook
Taste amazing
This a ready nice, I tend to make this as a snack along with a dip. Can't get enough of these.
Great taste of cheese my oldest loves his cheese and I he could he would have all the time
Good crispy chip with a hint of cheese. Cook well with a crispy outside and fluffy inside.
These things a pretty good taste great was no disappointed and they are nice thick size wedges
My kids love homemade wedges I saw these and thought I would give them a try. My kids loved them they cooked really well and were very tasty, my husband even ate them. Great product added them to my online shopping favourites.
Nacho Cheese tends to be good on most things and these are no exception. A winning combination.
I bought these from Farm foods and they were really good.Only thing that's annoying is the different sizes of wedges.Large ones obviously take longer to cook and meantime the small ones get overcooked.
never try it or heard of it be for but it looks yummy id like to try a free sample thank you.
I have not tried these but they look really nice think they would go with a good salsa dip
Would love to try these iv only eaten nachos and cheese once so would like to try them again
These look so good, haven't seen them on my local supermarket yet though, definitely keeping my eyes open for these because can't wait to try them.
The package looks good. I read mixed reviews. How cheesy are they and would they have that fake cheese taste?
nice and crispy smooth potatoes easy to bake in the oven goes well with chicken of battered fish can apply sauces like tomatoes sour cream bbQ
Really want t to try these pls I love mcCain and lurrrvvveeee nachos

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