4.4 5 0 41 41 Sweet potato fried in a crispy coating.
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Sweet potatoes fries
Loving these! I tend to make my own however when the time is pressing, I tend to turn to McCains. Full of flavour, crispy on the outside, just perfect. Perfect for the over, not so great for an actifry as they tend to turn to mash.
A really delicious and easy to make bag of fries, I love sweet potatoes! The flavour is really nice! Make sure to put down some baking paper though as it tends to stick to foil and be hard to remove though.
McCain sweet potato fries
I was excited to try these but was disappointed. They were quite oily and tasted greasy which was below my expectations as I invisaged they would be healthy. Think I'll stick to making my own
attacked yuk
Absolutely a no no for me my son dished these up for my dinner with a lovely roast and ruined my night sick in my mouth never again
Sweet Potato Fries
These are lovely cooked in an air fryer. Very tasty and crispy.
I bought these for the first time the other day and was quite disappointed, they aren’t as good as Aldi version, I generally make my own but got these for ease and it was a shame
Improved recipe
They seem to have improved the recipe and flavour, but still not as crispy as I would like
McCain Sweet Potato fries
I am a great fan of sweet potato products! I found that the fries dried out quite a bit in the oven, and weren't very crispy! The amount in the pack didn't seem enough either, and really were only enough for one meal.
Great change
What a wonderful change to potato fries. They have so much more taste. Lovely and crispy with a sweetness that makes the meal so much more interesting. Before these I've only had the wedges but they are so heavy in comparison. Great for a light bite or a side dish. Try something a little different, I really enjoyed.
Quick side or meal depends on you
Bought for the end of summer event at our church. Flew off the table. the children couldnt get enough which meant that the adults missed out. Best thing about this was that no condiments were needed. Have bought a few more packs over the summer and its on our grocery delivery arriving on thursday> Go out and get some.
Great taste
My daughter asked me to purchase these as had some sweet potato fries whilst eating out.they have a great taste and texture also healthy I buy on a regularly bacis.
Healthy fry- days 😊
Really surprised that this product after preparation has good taste. It is healthier than standard French fries and at the same time is suitable for diabetic people. I usually prepare it in oven so it's contain less calories than the standard frying method. 👍🏻
so good!
really love these, sometimes find some brands dont taste quite right but these are amazing
Really Nice
We have switched from eating potato fries to sweet potato fries. These are really nice. They cook well, crispy outside and fluffy inside. More expensive than normal fries but healthier and tasty.
Great addition to your freezer
I have enjoyed sweet potatoes during the last 10 years. Specially in the oven as an alternative to normal chips. So easy to prepare. Loving the taste. Healthy alternative. A must have

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