4.5 5 0 198 198 Crinkled chips with full on chip shop flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
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Great flavour
Loved the flavour but the shape makes it impossibke not to hurt yoyr mouth with the sharp edges. I would prefer these in a normal crisp shape
I hated the flavour of these crisps and find them far too hard, I’ll stick to my normal walkers crisps. I prefer traditional flavoured crisps and would definitely not buy these again.
These are crisp heaven!!! They are so Moorish and the flavour is spot on too!!
Just soo good
My wife came home with these a while ago now and ive never looked back. I am a self acclaimed crisp addict i just love them ad the flavour on these is exactly as it says on the packet. A very flavoursome tasty crisp that has a good bite to it too they also do the salt and vinegar ones too that are equally as good so much so that they make a regular appearance in our shopping weekly.
Omg I just love these crisps. Shaped like a chip the flavour is on point not to much not to little only downside is when the packets empty.
overall fantastic baked crisp rather than greasy fried. the flavour is fantastic and the crisps have plenty on them
Tasty snack
Found they was full of flavour and the texture was good
Very nice
Taste just like curry sauce, very nice would Definitely buy again!
Tried these and they are very tasty. Defo taste like the chip shop curry
My love for crisps has diminished over the past few months it is fair to say, but having tried these curry chips my love for crispy snacks is returning. They are flavourful and a nice sized pack to share (if you can). I found the flavour 'just right' for my liking, not too overpowering/strong, just right in all ways.
Absolute favourite
These crisps are absolutely delicious and really do taste like chip shop curry sauce. I've tried all three flavours in this 'Chips' range and the curry sauce flavour is my favourite one by far. They are extremely moreish and a bag of these doesn't ever last long!
Crunchy and flavoursome
Wow. McCoy’s have nailed it again. These are amazing. My granddaughter loves these too. So tasty and crispy. Can highly recommend
These are amazing !! I wasn’t sure when I first saw them but gave them a try anyway, they are so flavoursome and totally Moreish, if you haven’t tried them go buy !!
Absolutely delicious. Initially thought curry flavour crisps would not be my thing but it’s so morish after one bite you want more and more
When we get a takeaway curry is always my go to, so when I spotted these crisps in the shop I had to grab them. They are a different size and slightly different texture than the original McCoys - thicker and not just as crunchy, although this wasn't a problem. Curry is one of those things - there are so many varieties. This specific packet is called chip shop curry. Although it wasn't 100% like that, it wasn't far off it. I enjoyed the taste and would buy them again as a treat.

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