4.5 5 0 207 207 Crinkled chips with full on chip shop flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
McCoy's Chip Shop Curry Sauce
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These crisps have a distinct flavour, they are so real to the flavouring of chip shop curry! Very moorish could have ate a big pack
Good crisps
I love to buy McCoy's chips, my partner loved this chip chop curry sauce flavor, I personally prefer traditional salty crisps. Will definitely buy it again
Loved the shape
Tastes just like traditional chip shop sauce and cut like chips which I really liked. They were very moreish and I easily found myself eating the whole packet in one.
Very tasty
|Really tasty, great texture too. Overall a good crisp. Flavour does taste like chip shop curry sauce a little sweet too and lots of flavour.
Get in ma belly!
Love these McCoy's Crisps. Bursting with an authentic chip shop flavour... what's not to like! I dont see them in the shops often enough!
I can;t get these chips
I have bought these in the UK and they are realIy nice my husband likes the curry flavour and I like the sea salt ones but I Live on the Isle of Man and we only have 1 Tesco and they will not stock them. they say not enough people want to buy. I have tried to buy direct but with no avail.so if you can buy them please enjoy, I hope that when I go to the UK shopping they will have enough stock.
Best crisps I’ve tasted in a long time
These crisps have a very strong flavour and taste exactly like curry sauce. They also have a unique long shape to them which adds to the experience. Would recommend!
, 💪💪
Very tasty chips, which also have a good taste😁😁😁
Soo good!
Lovely flavour absolutely love these so tasty may not be to everyones taste but they are definitely a nice curry taste
Great flavour
Loved the flavour but the shape makes it impossibke not to hurt yoyr mouth with the sharp edges. I would prefer these in a normal crisp shape
I hated the flavour of these crisps and find them far too hard, I’ll stick to my normal walkers crisps. I prefer traditional flavoured crisps and would definitely not buy these again.
These are crisp heaven!!! They are so Moorish and the flavour is spot on too!!
Just soo good
My wife came home with these a while ago now and ive never looked back. I am a self acclaimed crisp addict i just love them ad the flavour on these is exactly as it says on the packet. A very flavoursome tasty crisp that has a good bite to it too they also do the salt and vinegar ones too that are equally as good so much so that they make a regular appearance in our shopping weekly.
Omg I just love these crisps. Shaped like a chip the flavour is on point not to much not to little only downside is when the packets empty.
overall fantastic baked crisp rather than greasy fried. the flavour is fantastic and the crisps have plenty on them

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