4.5 5 0 219 219 Crinkled chips with full on chip shop flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
McCoy's Chip Shop Curry Sauce
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OK but ....
The flavour just isn't there for me with these one's, which is a shame as curry isn't a very common flavour out there.
I found these tasted nothing like curry sauce! Had a great crunch but the taste left a lot to be desired
Nice and crunchy
These crisps are great tasting and an have a nice crunch to them. Also like that they are ridge cut.
More ish!
Best crisps I have ever eaten! Amazing flavour and texture
I loved them, would fight the rest of the family for them. They have a lovely curry flavour, not overpowering. I also liked that they were shaped different to every other crisp out there. Made a refreshing change.
Love them!
These have to be my favourite crisps, they taste just like curry sauce! Love how they’re shaped too. Not the ‘average shape’ you’d get with crisps. Be careful though, they’re very addictive, even my 4 year old son agrees!
Must buy!
I love crisps and I love curry sauce so these are amazing! The flavour is delicious and the crisps are lovely and crunchy! I would buy again and again!
Great taste and love the texture, bought them at work one day and didn't look back! One of the nicest packets of crips I have ever tried! If you get a chance you have to try them.
full of flavour
I love these McCoy's. They are one of my favourite flavours. They do taste just like chip shop curry sauce, with not too much heat. Lovely!
nice crunch
lovely crisps nice crunch, great texture and i love the taste, nice and spicy, my son also loves these and could demolish several packets
Yum yum
Without doubt my new favourite crisp of choice. Everything Is perfect with these crisps from the delightful flavour which really hits the spot to the crunch which is perfect every bite. Too often are crisps barely flavoured but these are full of flavour making sure you finish the bag and still want more.
Just like chip shop curry sauce!
The bag size is just right for sharing or if you are watching a movie and wanting to snack to yourself. The taste is exactly like the chip shop curry sauce and the texture of the crisps are just right - not too thin it also light enough that you don’t feel really full after eating them.
Love them
These have a mild curry flavour they're quite more'ish. It's quite hard to just eat just one packet. The curry flavour is mild and the aroma is just like you get when you make a normal curry.
The Chips are down
A must try product with a tasty, crunchy texture. A definite don't share treat, you will end up losing out. Go for the big bag or the multi-pack. Would be interested in trying more flavours as this is limited to a few.
These were actually a lot nicer than I thought. We went away for New Years and these we’re the only crisps they had left for sale. My 4 year old asked for them so I got them not expecting them to be even touched and he loved them and even asked for a pack for when We went home.

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