4.3 5 0 132 132 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
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Nachos delight
Love these cheesy nachos. Great with a dip or on their own.
So tasty
Muchos are delicious, ideal for sharing but even better when you have them all to yourself. The flavour is, in my opinion, just right, not powdery and doesn't have so much flavouring that it clings to your fingers yet the flavour is there.
Loved the nacho cheese flavour. I thought they would be to crunchy but are perfect. Would recommend
Loved these! Great as a snack and an alternative to crisps.
Tried these a month ago. Taste and texture of these are really nice. Nice flavours
New design good taste
Enjoyable cheesy snack, good alternative to standard crisps. Original shape which gives an added feature of this tasty snack.
Worth the pennies
Im currently eating healthy but bought these as nibbles for guests for a social event, safe to say they never got them and i didnt need my dinner that night
Very nice
Great for sharing. Lovely crunch texture, strong flavour but not over powering. Nice with dips.
Mucho snacks at friends bbq
Loved them my friend got them as snacks at a bbq, my children liked them too.
These are really flavoursome the texture is different to crisps they are beautiful just nice to see something different these are presented well and the design matches the product perfectly I would recommend
Big packet, small content. Strong taste of cheese and feiry taste. Would be nice with a yoghurt and mint condiment.
First taste nice then spice hits
Tried these and didn’t mind the taste to start with but then the spice hit I couldn’t eat more than 5 before mouth was on fire and binned the rest not my kinda thing
Quite tasty
Cheese flavour us a bit too over powering. Couldn't really eat a lot of them but a really Nice change from normal crisps. Would be good to have as a snack with a buffet as a bit too much of a strong flavour on their own. Would buy them again though.
very nice crisps, full of flavour and different to others on the market. interesting shape and like the packaging, more flavours would be great, would definitely recommend
Love them
Myself and my husband love these crisps. Great flavour and perfect amount of crunch/crispness to them. Great on their own but amazing with dip. I am planning to have these to pair with my home made chilli. Chilli with some melted cheese on top, then use these to scoop it all up! Yummy! Cant wait.

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