4.3 5 0 171 171 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
Mccoy's Muchos Nacho Cheese
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Too artificial
the crisps themselves were really nice, (shape/texture) however the product tasted really artificial and salty, I wouldn't mind trying a different flavour or an improved flavour.
o wow brought from out local shops for £1 get loads in a bag not a bad size crisp either the taste is so good once you have eaten one bag you now you will buy another bag next tme you go shopping
Too much salt
Even as a self obsessed salt addict, I found these to be so overpoweringly salty that I could barely bring myself to eat more than a handful. I could taste the cheese underneath, and it had a typical nacho cheese kick at the back of the throat but overall I was very disappointed with these!!!
It’s okay
We only bought one pack of these & that would be our last one. It tastes of strong, artificial cheese-like something. They are very salty & I find eating more than few sickening.
Loved these, nice cheese tasty and lovely crunch nacho chips, don't find them as dry as other nacho chips that you can buy. Would be nice with dips etc. Definitely a new favorite and would buy again.
Tasty nachos chips
Absolutely love these chips the flavour is amazing and goes well with a nice dip
Great crisp, packed full of mature tasting cheddar, Great for using as a base for Nacho's , also dipping into soured cream, salsa etc or simply on their own. Great versatile crisp that gets my 5*****
I brought these over the Bank Holiday for a BBQ and all my guests loved them! Cruncy, really flavoursome.
Very Odd flavour
These, on the whole, could have been great, however, the flavour was so very odd, yes it was cheesy but it had a scented after taste. The nachos were crisp, although many were broken. I would be happy to try one of the other flavours however, I would not buy this flavour again, nor would I recommend. BTW I am being generous giving this product 2 stars!
Crisp yuck
Omg these have got it be the worse thing ever I've tried all flavours in these and there nasty smell like sweety feet leave a sick taste in your mouth everything about these are wrong avoid in a big way
I was excited about trying these but was a little disappointed. The taste was ok,I expected them to be a bit more cheesy and they were too hard.
Omg couldn’t get enough......
I loved these - managed to polish off the bag in a sitting, they tasted how I felt they should and were so moreish - could be a bad thing!!!! Highly recommend - nacho fan you’ll love them!!!
These are truly delicious, packed full of flavour and perfect for a quick and easy cheesy snack for on the go or for movie munches. Xxx
Not quite sure what the hype is all about regarding these crisps, i really do not find them as amazing. I think they are ok but with an overpowering non-cheese flavour. They taste rather plastic-y, i would not buy again or recommend to ayone.
Great with soft cheese!
These were on offer when we went to Isle of Wight festival. They are a little spicy but great with soft cheese, very moreish! Not as readily available in my local store and a lot more expensive!

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