4.3 5 0 131 131 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
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Too much seasoning
I found that they were caked in far too much powdered seasoning, So we’re very strong, prepare to drink plenty after these - as they make you really thirsty.
McCoy’s nachos
This flavour is ok but I found they have little weird taste, the chive ones are better. Not sure on the texture either but I’m a fussy person lol. Overall I think these could be improved and not as good as I was expecting.
Crunchy Pillows of Flavour
I found these on offer in my local supermarket so couldn't resist buying this flavour and another. The crunchy texture and intense flavour makes you want to eat a full pack all at once. Best with a dip such as sour cream.
I picked these up along with the sour cream ones to have with different dinners i.e chilli, tacos, fajitas etc. They are so light and fluffy yet packed with so much flavour. My husband wasn't too sure what they would be like but he's hooked on them now. They're great for a snack or as an accompaniment with dinner. I will continue to buy and hope they bring out more flavours.
Very moreish
I love the texture and the taste of these...slightly addicted
Dangerously Delicious
I thought I’d try a few and suddenly the packet was empty. These are seriously delicious. Nice and thick, crunchy and a great flavour. Only improvement would be a bigger bag!
Full of flavour
I personally love these. So full of flavour and leave you wanting more. I had to stop myself eating the full bag. The actual crisp is very thick and crunchy too. Great snack. Will be great with a dip too.
The king of crisps!
I have to say these have been crowned my new favourite, they are very mourish sadly once I opened the packet I couldn’t leave them alone definitely a Saturday night treat!😂
Absolutely love these.. so flavoursome and delicious.. enjoyed every bite and the very mild spice made them less boringly cheesy no improvement needed and I would definitely recommend
Full of flavour
Full of flavour in every bite. Hard to put down once opened.very light when eating like little pockets of air.
Mccoy's Muchos Nacho Cheese. These are so nice, my new favourite crisp, really tasty, also nice with a wee salsa dip, yum .
Cheesy and fun
I half expected this product to just be another bag of Doritos re branded but how i was so wrong! the flavor is authentic still very artificial obviously but the nacho taste was there and the crunch of the crisp is lovely! overall great snack
Cheesy and crunchy.
McCoy's have brought something different to the table with these. They are a new texture and are cheesy and crunchy. They are very moreish and are great eating on your own or as nibbles at a party.
different, but nice
very nice. I prefer tortillas for making nachos, but these made a nice change. very moreish.
Dangerously delicious!
As a cheesy crisp lover, I have to say these are one of the better packets, full of bursting flavours and texture. The cheese flavour doesn't dry your mouth out like other similar crisps and these even have a slight kick to them to make them even more addictive. Very dangerous if you are sat with the whole bag and little self control - lovely crisps!

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