4.3 5 0 167 167 McCoy's Muchos is a new crispy, folded tortilla snack inspired by the street kitchens of Mexico. Every bite is bursting with spices and seasonings for more flavour than a Mexican fiesta. Viva Los Muchos!
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Big packet, small content. Strong taste of cheese and feiry taste. Would be nice with a yoghurt and mint condiment.
First taste nice then spice hits
Tried these and didn’t mind the taste to start with but then the spice hit I couldn’t eat more than 5 before mouth was on fire and binned the rest not my kinda thing
Quite tasty
Cheese flavour us a bit too over powering. Couldn't really eat a lot of them but a really Nice change from normal crisps. Would be good to have as a snack with a buffet as a bit too much of a strong flavour on their own. Would buy them again though.
very nice crisps, full of flavour and different to others on the market. interesting shape and like the packaging, more flavours would be great, would definitely recommend
Love them
Myself and my husband love these crisps. Great flavour and perfect amount of crunch/crispness to them. Great on their own but amazing with dip. I am planning to have these to pair with my home made chilli. Chilli with some melted cheese on top, then use these to scoop it all up! Yummy! Cant wait.
Tried this product very strong taste ,crunchy but made my tongue sore after eating a few ,maybe used with a dip would be better
Interesting texture
I am a bit of an adventurer when it comes to finding new crisp flavours and this adds a new texture which is always interesting - the flavour does not jump out at you though and is similar to the Manomasa tortillas but at much less price. All
Delicious crisps, will be buying these again, there needs to be more in the packet.
Good, not Great!
Full of flavour, but not much in the packet! I would buy again however.
Full of taste
I tried these crisps as they were on a promotion. I wasnt disappointed every crisp waa full of flavour good crunch. Very satisfying
As a crisp-aholic these have definitely raced up the leaderboard!
Hard to share
Bought these as a share snack whilst having a drink, found myself eating way too many! Taste lovely cheesy but with a twist
Nice surprise
I bought these as hadn't seen them before. Got out and shared when we had friends round and we all liked them. Unfortunately I had only bought one pack so will be buying some more
I was expecting more of a flavour, however, that doesn't meant that it was not nice. It's something worth trying if you're looking for a new product that is different from what is out there at the moment.
McCoys Muchos
I really enjoyed these snacks as they taste like regular doritoes but are just slightly less hard in texture but are still crunchy with the really tasty nacho cheese flavouring!

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