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Mcvities Cappuccino Thin Biscuits
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Heaven in my mouth
When I bought them for the first time I ate the whole box by myself . I just love them, the cappuccino flavour and the fact that they are thin . They just melt in my mouth. My guilty pleasure .
Not as good as the milk chocolate
The cappuccino taste can be quite overpowering. I much prefer the standard milk chocolate.
Digestive Thins
Was excited for these but feel like the thins just don't work. I missed the big bite from the standard digestives. give me the full sugar and fat content for the bigger bite for sure, not to mention the thins just aren't as good to dip in tea. Would recommend, the taste is there...but the originals are better
I much prefer these over the thicker original biscuits - these are less filling therefore you don’t feel as bad for having them
Very nice and feel less quilty
These are great if you fancy a biscuit without feeling guilty of having a normal size one. Less of a digestive a more a right tea texture to the base under the chocolate and wont last if you like a dunk in your tea but very nice in terms of taste!
Unexpectedly great!
I was dubious about these when I bought them on sale but they actually taste really good. They are nice and crisp with plenty of chocolate and a subtle coffee taste. Only problem is it's hard to stop eating them.
These are perfect if you're like me on a continuous diet :-)). Inlike having them in the cupboard for a quick sweet fix. Low in cals but still full of flavour. Cannot recommend enough and if you do happen to have any self control you might not end up eating the full packet. They are addictive!
I'm not a big fan of coffee/cappuccino flavoured biscuits, but as I love chocolate digestives I've decided to give this one a go. The biscuits are crispy, yet the chocolate melts in your mouth. Definitely worth buying :)
Slimming World friendly
Perfect if you're following a weight loss plan from home. Although I just admit it's hard not to eat the whole box in one sitting. They do go soft once box is opened so I do recommend eating the box in one sitting 😉 Go down a treat with a hot cup of coffee.
Nice to go with a cup of tea.
These are a nice biscuit to have with your morning coffee or evening tea. Being quite small they are perfect for any time of day without overdoing it. These are a great go to biscuit for any time of day.
Lovely when you don’t want to be a pig
I found these just right when you want a small nibble or somthing sweet to keep you going, a couple of these was enough to stave off the crave. The only bug bear is they don’t dunk well.. they instantly taste stale when dunked. Tbh I feel bigger packets are better value to share around. These are more of a small self indulgent treat.
The thins are ok but for me not as nice as the proper biscuit. The texture just isn't the same and they lose their flavour. Stick to the proper size.
Not enough
The only problem I can see with these biscuits is that the boxes are not big enough. I think they taste better than the bigger ones but there should be more in a box. Either that or they won’t be getting shared. Very good.
Lovely Taste
I really like these. I love normal digestive biscuits but I think these are better. I love how thin they are. They have a great coffee flavour with lovely milk chocolate. They are easy to snap in half. The flavour is amazing and I can’t get enough of these. You get quite a lot in a packet. Highly recommend this product.
I'm not usually a biscuit person (especially flavoured biscuits) but thought I would give these a go as my husband was eating them and to be honest I was really surprised at how good they tasted. I like that they are the thin buscuits too.

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