3 5 0 89 89 Mcvities Digestive Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramel Bits are cocoa wheatmeal biscuits with chocolate chips and caramel pieces. Think of a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a digestive with a caramel twist!
McVitie's Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip & Caramel Biscuits 276g
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Not bad.
Not a bad biscuit. Nice if a little unusual. Lives up to the reputation of this brand. Easily and widely available. The biscuits are a little on the small side. Overall it hits the shop when you need that sweet fix!
Very nice biscuits would recommend this to everyone
Prefer originals
I thought these sounded delicious but was disappointed after trying. Small biscuits which tasted more like thin cookies and couldn’t really taste the caramel.
where is the chocolate
Sorry but it's a no from me, can't taste the chocolate and biscuit is too hard for dunkers only
One is never enough very addictive lovely with a few or even on there own
I did not like these at all, strange taste, I am surprised at McVities, as their biscuits are normally very good even if you do not like certain flavours.
A bit lacklustre
A pimped up digestive which sounded great but fell a bit short. The chocolate flavour wasn’t overly recognisable and the caramel bits were more so just crunchy bits. Still a digestive and still good to drunk in your cup of tea but as a biscuit promising to be more they fell short
I liked these they where great dipped into a cup of tea. Only downside was the size, they are much smaller than the original digestive.
Not what I expected
I am chocolate and biscuit obsessed so thought I'd give these a try but I found them quite sickly and tasteless. I definitely wouldn't buy again
didn;t enjoy them
when i saw these, the packaging grabbed my attention a lot, and being a digestive lover i had to try them, but they're nothing like digestives. the chocolatey flavour isn't too strong, and the nibs of chocolate inside are bland plain chocolate which nobody enjoys!
I have got to say i really dident like these there was a stange taste to them not for me at all
Burnt taste
Looked forward to trying these but was left disapointed. The flavour was just a burnt taste and the texture was dry and hard. Could have been so much more
a little disapointing
I bought these for my partner who loves biscuits, chocolate and caramel. Thought it would be a win win situation. He tried one and gave up on the whole box immediately. It just felt over-promised and under-delivered. The taste was very dry; chocolate - cheap. Definitely won't be buying again.
naughty but nice
yum yum new twist on a treat , nice blend of flavours well matched and super treat for special occasions
Really tasty
These biscuits were really tasty, are great if you fancy something different but I still prefer a chocolate digestive over the twist digestives, but that’s just personal preference:)

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