3 5 0 88 88 Mcvities Digestive Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramel Bits are cocoa wheatmeal biscuits with chocolate chips and caramel pieces. Think of a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a digestive with a caramel twist!
McVitie's Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip & Caramel Biscuits 276g
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Ok I guess
I bought these as a little treat as my whole house love digestives. They weren’t as great as I thought they would be. Once we all had one try the packet was left untouched.
Trick or treat!!
I bought these as a treat to myself, they weren't so great, but the kids loved them.
Slightly disappointed
I love caramel anything, when I saw these in the biscuit isle I had to try them as the combination of chocolate and caramel just makes my mouth water, but I was sadly disappointed as they weren’t much different to a normal chocolate biscuit and were quite bland compared to what I was expecting. Wouldn’t rush out to buy them again unless they were on a really good offer.
Ok, but weird texture
Lovely little biscuits, my kids really liked them. Unfortunately I think texture is really weird.
I was really looking forward to trying these . However I found them to be rather bland . I did t taste any caramel flavouring at all . The texture wasn’t the nicest either . Rather disappointed with these
Not as good as expected
I thought that they would be really tasty but I didn’t think much of them they were bland
Tasty bites
Tasty ...dip in tea to get caramel taste Crunchy ,🍪 Yum yum
Not great
Was expecting more very dry and not much more taste than a chocolate biscuits.
Mcvities digestive
Lovely biscuits especially when dipped in tea! Lovely trusted brand that lived up to my high expectations! Definitely one for the biscuit tin and worth every penny! Lovely designed packet
Small but tasty
Wasn't sure what to expect with these. Would describe them as similar to a digestive but with choc chip type bits in ans smaller. They tasted nice but smaller than the average biscuit. Wouldn't rush out to buy again but would take if I was offered them.
If you like to snack
Wasn’t sure at first of this biscuit but I love digestive and it sound very yummy so bought to try. It is a little too dry for me but it gets tastier after first few biscuits. I can definitely see myself buying more of this.
These biscuits looked to be amazing however turned out to be lacking in flavour, they were fed to the birds in the end as even my children wouldn't touch them. Wouldn't recommend.
I had look forward to trying these but was disappointed, they were dry and lacked on flavour. Even the kids weren't keen on them
Very tasty
Great combination. Such a yummy treat and have gone back to buy more
Very tasty but would like bigger chips!
These biscuits are extremely moreish. So much so that I find it very difficult to stop eating them! They are quite sweet but the balance of flavours is good. My only criticism is the chocolate chips could be bigger.

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