3.8 5 0 92 92 McVitie's jaffa cake: light sponge cakes with dark crackly chocolate and a lemon and lime flavoured centre
McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Lime
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Scoffed the lot. Every jaffa cake- no matter the variety- needs more filling and more chocolate.
Not great
I love the original jaffa cakes so there don't compare. They taste ok but I won't be rushing out to buy anymore. Kids liked them but they will eat anything! I will stick to the originals I think.
Jaffa cakes
Like these more than the original love the zesty lime flavour. These are my favourite.
Great flavour
This is my favourite flavour of jaffa cakes. Nice twist on a classic.
A nice change
Everyone loves the usual ones of these but thought would give these a go for Halloween and I really like them made a nice change to have a different flavor
Their best ones yet!
The lemon and lime are delicious, if I dare say it,better than the original. In my house,I buy the original for him and the lemon and lime for me. I also get these out when people call in for a brew and they love them. Recommend
Prefer the original flavour but I guess it’s an acquired taste
Not a fan
Unfortunately the boys did not like these. They said they were too tangy. Worth a try for something different.
Excellent addition to the jaffa cake range. Hard to get hold of but lovely nonetheless.
I purchased this product by personally found myself chocking on the base. I used to be a big fan of Jaffa cakes but I have found that whether because I am getting older but the base is no so dry it is hard to eat without drinking something along with a bite of it. You end up with a mouth full of soggy jaffa cake just to make sure it is wet enough to swallow. Personally I wouldnt purchase and of these again.
Like them as much as the original
Love these as much as the original orange flavour. Great tang delicious Zingy only problem cant seem to stop at just one. My children though are split my eldest loved them my youngest unsure
Very nice flavour, kids love them at Halloween time!
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I have no idea how, but we picked these up by accident - and it wasn't a happy accident. Original Jaffa cakes (the clue is in the title really) are delicious and moreish and always popular. There is a reason that new variants rarely stick around for long and that is because it is hard to improve on something that is approaching perfection. Like I said in the title, "If it ain't broke..."
jaffa cakes
I buy Jaffa cakes for my grandson, so when I saw these I thought he could do with a change, however he didn't like them as much (he ate them though) and said he would prefer the normal ones
Sorry I didn’t like them!
I’m really sorry but for me these did not taste nice at all. I ended up peeling of the Jammu bit and eating the rest! I couldn’t help but think why lemon and lime whilst eating, my kids didn’t like them either so I think we’ll stick to the original jaffa’s from now on. At least we tried them :)

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