4 5 0 18 18 Delicious creamy filling, Crunchy biscuit pieces, Does not contain dairy cream, No hydrogenated vegetable oil, No artificial colours or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
McVities Trio Cake Crunchies
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Too sweet!
Although this cake looks nice and tastes quite nice, I thought it was way to sweet.
My mum and sister thought these Toffee Trio Cake Crunches tasted really good! We bought it from our local Iceland as it was on offer. I prefer the McVitie's Penguin Cookies & Cream Cake Crunchies instead! They are yummmm!
I have tried these are they are nice and creamy also you get the crunchy texture of the biscuits. Wound buy again
These are yummy but don't really taste like the trio biscuit. Too much cake!
Found these at our local Costcutter loved them so went back next day for another pack
Really nice lovely and creamy with a crunch.grandchildren wanted more
Not bad but I found them a bit sickly. I love the biscuit Trios but these aren't a patch on them.
These are even better than the original version. The creamy filling on top is delicious and the Buscuit bottom which is to die for. two contrasts of soft and crunchy that go together to make a lovely cake bar topped in chocolate That is very moreish.
Love the Trio biscuits but was quite disappointed with the cakes. Didn't taste anywhere near as night as the biscuit and were just 'ok' I thought.
These were really nice, not sure whether they are a cake or a biscuit, but nevertheless very enjoyable. I loved the hint of crunch and the caramel/chocolate always go well together and would definitely recommend these for an afternoon tea break.
Trios were my favourite chocolate bars as a kid. These sound delicious! I would love to try these.
I have not found that these are available in my local Supermarket and would very much like to try them
If I see these I will have to buy them, I think hubby will love em
I can't believe I haven't even seen these yet! This sounds amazing, my mouth is watering just thinking about the rich chocolate coating with the chewy toffee and crunchy base - please could I be given the chance to try this! I'd like to find out if it's as good as it looks
My son is dairy intolerant so would love to sample this for him please

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