3 5 0 10 10 Our roasted peanuts are blended together with cocoa powder, pure coconut and a dash of honey for a delicious indulgent taste.
Meridian Cocoa & Peanut Butter Spread
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I usually love Meridian nut butters BUT
I usually love Meridian nut butter, BUT this was out and out YAK, the texture and aftertaste were so wrong. It felt like butter chocolate glue in my mouth. Luckily I had been given this to review from an online-only supermarket. I'm so glad I did not pay for it, I have to say I would never ever purchase any. It went straight into the bin!
healthy whole food nutella
I love a natural bitter chocolate taste and rough texture. Replicates the healthy nutella recipe I'd make at home, but with a subtle coconut flavour. Looses points because it's not vegan! Would also prefer one without sugar.
personally hated it, the flavour was so bitter and the texture was almost inedible it was sticking to my mouth. I wouldnt recommend.
Healthy perfection
Healthy way to eat penut butter,no palm oil ,no salt,no sugar,just pure goodness!A little bit expensive fo such a small jar but bought in deal so wasn’t that bad.
Too much peanut not enough cocoa
I was disappointed by this product, it lacked chocolate flavour and instead just tasted of peanuts. The paste is very dry and greasy, it just sticks to your mouth.
Very small jar for the price of it but thankfully I bought it when it was on offer. I really like it, it tastes very indulgent yum!
perfect what can i say chocolate spread and peanuts in one and its healthier than your usual spreads although it costs more than the average spread it is well worth the money and has been a constant add to my shopping list since i found it great in cakes or on pancakes also
I was looking for a chocolate spread with no palm oil and healthier that the famous one.This spread is definitely healthier but I do not like the taste at all, I find it quite bland, not " chocolatey " enough and the coconut is overpowering !
I love chocolate!!! I love peanuts!!! For some reason together here, wit coconut butter (not really needed) doesn't really work. It has that trying to be on trend healthy but not quite getting it feel. The peanuts aren't peanutty enough, the cocoa is a bit one dimensional, and the coconut is too strong. Its a strange combination. I love Meridian products usually, but for me this doesn't really work.
This product was a bit more expensive than my usual brand but healthier and well worth the money spent, it tasted delicious and my daughters loved it.
Sirs; We all regularly use similar to this product in sandwiches, in pudding, snacks, cakes and pastries. Many of our relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbours in the area regularly ask us on how we really make such delicious and tasty things. If we can have a chance to try this new product, we will surely pass on the results to all who are interested.
I'm not one for sweet things, but this sounds delicious... I would love to try this, shame iv never seen it in my local Tesco haha
I have tried the almond one but this one sounds more apealing
Would love to try this. Haven't seen it in my shops yet
this looks fab Ive got to fid this item chocolate and peanuts well who needs more?

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