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Meridian Coconut & Peanut Butter
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Coconut and peanut is such a good combination !! I have on toast in the morning it’s so tasty
Peanut butter and coconut!! Life can't get better then that. Plus with no palm oil its better for the environment. I bought mine as a special buy in Aldi, unfortunately with the high price its not something I could buy as regularly as I like.
What can I say totally awesome product,I have died and gone to heaven! It's that scrummy I've been eating out of the jar,peanuts and coconut,can life get any better! Just a shame it's so pricy,would but more but budget doesn't allow it!
Absolutely delicious! Buy it all the time now. You need to give it a good stir to mix the natural oils in as they settle on the top. Perfect blend of peanut and coconut. I can eat it with a small spoon straight from the jar. Scrumptious Bought mine at Tesco.
This stuff is so delicious! It's the right balance between coconut and peanut and goes so well on toast!
The texture of this butter for me, was not nice. Very runny, even after stirring and the coconut added too much sweetness. It smells good but is quite bland. Will not be buying again
I hadn't heard of this before I saw it on here but after reading the positive reviews I went looking for some. It is unbelievably good! You keep finding excuses to eat it. I've had a ridiculous amount of toast since buying it lol. And would definitely buy it again. One tip...hide it from loved ones or they'll eat it too! ;)
Great product; shame it's so expensive. I think I purchased mine in Sainsburys
I enjoy nut butters,so of course i was interested to try a coconut-nut butter from Meridian,as they have a good range using only natural ingredients,sometimes just the nut,nothing else. The nut butter is thick with a natural oil seperation on top to be mixed in,but it had the most delicious sweet coconut aroma mixed with the peanut aroma,which also comes through in the flavour...simply delicious. I personally preferred it on crunchy toast,and off the spoon.
This is really nice I use a lot of coconut oil and eat loads of almonds so when I tried them together mmmm
I love this product with slices apple as treat =) recomended to all my friends.
I found this in a specialty store and now I'm hooked its heaven in a jar, it would really appeal to coconut or peanut butter lovers.
Bought 2 jars from the Good food show. Absolutely amazing, cannot get enough of this stuff!
A big must of like coconut and peanut butter- u will find loads excused to have it as a dip delicious
Sounds like an interesting combination. We will be having a go of this soon as

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