4.2 5 0 25 25 Because we're nuts about nuts, we've squeezed 61% peanuts & coconut into this tasty protein-packed bar. At Meridian, we're committed to producing foods that make you feel good and taste great too! We select only the finest, simplest ingredients so that you can enjoy nature's energy at its best. 61% nuts & coconut!, 7g protein, Made with Meridian peanut butter, Dairy, soya and gluten free, Suitable for vegans Enjoy a bar a day as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
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Nice treat
For what this is - you could have a couple of teaspoons of nutter butter... however no one carries a spoon or jar of nut butter about... so this is the next best thing. Yummy,but weird taste,again i think this is solely due to the product being a solidified nut wrapped in packaging, not bad taste due to ingredients
Delicious, but not the best flavour
They are delectable, but I do prefer the other flavours.
Great quick inclusion to a meal
Fantastic naturally sweetened inclusion to a meal on the go. Sweetened with grape juice and dates, this gives the sweetness of a chocolate bar and the fill-up-factor is there because of the good fats from the coconut and the peanut. 100% recommend.
Tasty but dry
Good healthy on the go snack. Would rather it weren't so dry but would buy this again.
Cereal bar
Love this juicy cereal bar so much, it's less sweet than most cereal bars I've, bought.
I really like these, and always have one handy in my gym bag, as a quick snack before I go training. They do other flavours too which are just as nice.
Tastes ok but it is still full of sugar as the second ingredient is Brown Rice Malt essentially sugar. It does however have more nutrition than some other snack bars and will keep you fuller for longer due to high protein.
This bar ingredients sound delicious! Will look for it in the shops and see if I can taste it .
I bought it after I had an email saying a new healthier option was hitting the shelves of supermarkets. My fiancé and I love them!!!! Really great taste and because it's a healthier option than a chocolate bar and crisps you don't feel as bad when eating it.
I have used the peanut butter for quite a while now so tried this bar and loved it. I try to have these bars rather than refined sugary snacks as I feel it fills me up without the badness. Love how compact it is and the texture of the coconut. Would happily recommend this to friends and family.
Not sure what these would really taste like cant imagine. Would try though
Sounds delicious! something i’d love to try. In need of some healthy snacks.
I like the sound of these it's what we all need more healthier alternative
I will definitely be on the look out for this the next time I do my weekly shop. It sounds as if it's a much healthier option & definitely something i will love.
This bar ingredients sound delicious! Will look for it in the shops and see if I can taste it .

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