Method Passion Fruit Daily Shower Spray

4.6 5 0 110 110 Effortlessly maintain the gleam on your clean tiles with our daily shower spray. With Powergreen® technology, it dissolves and prevents soap scum without you having to worry about chemical residues.
Method Passion Fruit Daily Shower Spray


This stuff works wonders
I always worry about leavinggn chemicals in the bath especially with the kids and this stuff doesnt have as many as the usual stuff which is great. It also gets rid of the hard stains that are left round the bath easier and all of the water marks on the shower door.
Makes cleaning easier
I live in a hard water area and I love how this product as prolongs how often you need to use limescale remover. It helps that it smells lush and isn’t full of hard chemicals too!
Didn't really notice anything
I love Method and their products so I was really excited to try this shower spray as I thought I'd have to clean my shower less. I didn't really notice it did anything other than leave a nice scent in my bathroom, I still had to clean my shower just as often and noticed the soap scum etc. Unfortunately, didn't notice any result from using this product.
Does the work
I love method cleaner,it does the job it's eco friendly as you can get refills and it smells georgous,the best eco cleaner I've used
Smells gorgeous, makes it easy to clean
This has cut down on my overall cleaning time. When i use this consistently, it drastically reduces build up - limescale and any mould. It also has the added bonus of smelling amazing! Fruity and fresh.
Pricey but works
Method cleaners are much more expensive than own brand/flash ect in my opinion but the smell almost makes it worth it. This spray makes my bathroom smell so good, and is good at removing water marks off the glass door
I absolutely love this cleaning spray, every time after having a shower I spray the shower door with water then use this spray afterward. It reduced the amount of times I have to clean the door, it smells wonderful too
I use daily
I use this daily on my shower at the end of the day after everyone has used the shower - makes bathroom smell super fresh and it’s even better that there’s no rinsing involved.
Keeps my shower sparkling clean
Living in a hard water area, keeping shower glass clean can be a real pain. Using Method shower cleaner after each shower reduces that build-up and keeps the shower cubicle looking cleaner for longer.
Absolutely love that product
Already brought another one. Lovly smell perfect working
Definitely recommend this product
I use this all over my home I love the passion fruit smell it smells amazing and I love how quick and very easy it cleans my home
I love it
I love method cleaner Perfect clean and lovely smell
Subtle but lovely
I have recently tried this scent and although I prefer more fresher scents for the bathroom/shower area there is no denying this is a lovely scent. The product itself is great quality and leaves no streaks. I love that it has less harmful chemicals than your typical spray. Great price point too, I recommend this product.
Method Shower Spray Passion Flower
Method shower spray cleans so easily, spray it. wipe it, rinse it. No elbow grease required. My shower is streak free and sparkling. It also has a wonderful exotic scent that sends me into holday mode. How lovely
Method Shower Spray
Leaves your shower sparkling, no streaks or smears. I use it daily or each time I shower, it gets rid of any soapy marks and smells fabulous 👌

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