3.6 5 0 264 264 Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and milk chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting milky filling.
Milkybar Mix Ups White and Milk Chocolate Sharing Bag 95g
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Brought these as a treat for my 2 children and they were not too impressed. I was expecting these to be very moorish but found the white chocolate to be very underrated in taste .
Brought these a while ago not impressed the white choc was good but the milk choc tasted like cheap choc don't no if would again
I bought these for the plane journey as a treat, I was really disappointed with the product a very strange taste and a powdery texture not pleasant
These are delicious and great for white chocolate lovers. The mixture of the 2 chocolates is lovely and very sweet, great for those with a sweet tooth! Perfect to melt in your mouth. Definitely a treat i will buy again.
Not as nice as a milkybar
I wasn’t keen on these, I thought it tasted like cheap chocolate and prefer a normal milkybar however my son loved them.
Really disappointed :(
Unfortunately I had high hopes for these and I was really disappointed. I love milky bar and thought these would be nice, however they have a horrible taste and I couldn’t even finish one :( I will stick to normal milky buttons.
What a disappointment!
I was looking forward to trying these as they have always been a childhood favourite of mine. However I found them to be a bit grainy and nowhere as creamy as the separate flavours. Close but not quite on point
Ideal for kids
Me and my twin 2 year old sons have tried them and they are a favourite I must say! Definitely yummy and will get repeatedly
Was ok
I was excited to try these but unfortunately I was a little disappointed and felt they didn’t meet the expectations I had and I didn’t really like the taste of them
Nice to try something new but not amazing
These are nice to snack on and try once in a while but they don’t taste as good as just the original brand products. I probably wouldn’t purchase if they weren’t on offer as I would rather spend my money on something else.
Really wanted to like them but they just weren’t that flavourful and a bit chalky. Disappointing all told! You’re better off buying white and milk chocolate separately and mixing them yourself.
Perfect blend
These are lovely and you dont have to decide what type of chocolate your in the mood for!
I love these! Perfect for me as i can never decide which chocolate i want to eat.
So good
These taste so good and are great for snacking on!
Not as good as the original
got these as they were on offer and wanted to try something new. They are very sickly and the brown chocolate tastes like the cheap chocolate you get in an advent calendar

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