3.6 5 0 212 212 Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and milk chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting milky filling.
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not so nice
not as creamy and smooth as I hoped, has a weird after taste, not very indulging, and not much in the bag too, probably not buying it again
these are very moorish. they are a little on the sweet side tho. nice for a treat
So yummy
These are so nice and tasty, milkbar chocolate mixed with milk chocolate. Couldn't get enough of them and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. The packaging can be resealed for freshness too.
These look tasty and reminded me of vice versas, however I was disappointed and didn't think they were nice at all, not very creamy
Would like more in the bag
Not usually a fan of white chocolate but gave these a try and really enjoyed them. Found them very moreish and it didn't take long for the pouch to go. The chocolate was very smooth and creamy and enjoyed having the contrast of white and milk chocolate at the same time. As much as I enjoyed them, this is something I would probably only purchase when on offer as I don't feel like you get many in a bag and not many to go round when being shared around.
Best of both worlds!
Love these and so does my daughter, great for a family share bag as there's something for everyone whether you prefer milk or white chocolate, we really enjoy them!
I love these
Perfect for snacking and sharing. I love them. They’re my go to chocolates
I like them
At first I wasn’t to sure but as I went on they grew on me. I don’t know why I wasn’t sure at first. I don’t really have a favourite between the 2 variations but I think the milk with white chocolate in the middle
These reminded me of chocolates that was out years ago , love nestle chocolate and these didn't disappoint ,they melt in the mouth and great to share with my kids during movie time
Slight disappointment
These didn’t live up to expectations unfortunately , felt they were just weird - however saying that I did still manage to eat the whole bag just to make sure, but I probably wouldn’t buy them again.
Mix ups
Loved these so much. Great having milk and white chocolate together. Didn't wanna share them though,
Not what I expected
I was disappointed with these. I don’t think there is much of a milky bar taste off them. Just quite sugary. Not like original milky bar that’s more creamy. Would not buy these again
Not so nice
I was expecting the original milky bar flavour but these were bland and you can’t really taste milky bar at all. They were ok but we won’t buying these again.
Not the best!
I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy these again the milk chocolate didn’t taste as nice as white, tasted of a cheaper chocolate brand.
Just no
Milkbar is all about the white chocolate, I love milky bar but these are just not it, I’d recommend getting the usual buttons and getting another milk chocolate product from a different brand

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