3.6 5 0 265 265 Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and milk chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting milky filling.
Milkybar Mix Ups White and Milk Chocolate Sharing Bag 95g
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Enjoyed them but prefer my milky bar buttons better . Didn't really like them mixed up either. Kids loved them so thumbs up for them .
Not for me
Tryed not very keen will stick to my milky buttons just dose not taste right to me the pretty colours and the white chocolate I wood recommended but not for me
Dig for a surprise, u never know which one u would get, they are soo addictive once opened I can’t put them down again
Absolutely gorgeous
These are delicious the only problem is once you open them you can’t stop eating them
Not a fan
Was looking forward to trying this product but was a bit disappointed. I felt they had a strange taste and not what I expected. The white chocolate was nice but not the milk chocolate.
Didn't like these
Not a very nice chocolate treat. I thought the 'milk chocolate' tasted a little funny. Maybe a bit cheap? I do like the small button style chocolates though. If they tasted better I would probably buy again. But as they are, I won't be recommending
Don't need too much as they are very sickly. Very chocolatey
Wasn’t what I was expecting
I love white chocolate but these really didn’t do it for me, I ended up giving these away in the end because I just didn’t enjoy the bag enough to finish the whole pack. They aren’t like your usual milky bar treat, I didn’t enjoy them.
Absolutely disgusting and shouldn’t of been made, they’re trying new ways to make Old products into new ones but it’s not working, these are very disappointing, taste vile and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone! Don’t bother, your not missing out.
Milkybar sensation
These milkybar chocolate treats are great tasting, plentiful and a great price. If you haven't tried them already you really should. I definitiely wouldn't recommend sharing, they are too tasty!!
lovely mix
these are great for kiddies but us adults like them too haha and theres just not enough in a bag haha.
Really excited to see these in the shops as they remind me of Vice Versas which you cant seem to get anymore. Lovely to have a mix of milk and white chocolate ate the same time.
These milkybar mixups are just delicious,i just love em
Could be better
I bought these as I thought they'd taste like Kinder and was disappointed that they were actually quite boring (lacked the creamy-ness of Kinder). I preferred the white chocolate coated ones but probably won't be buying them again
Mixed bag
I was excited to try these after seeing them for a few weeks however while the brown ones taste similar to kinder chocolate and are very nice the white ones let the pack down. Next time I'll be buying normal milky bar buttons and a kinder bar.

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