3.6 5 0 269 269 Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and milk chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting milky filling.
Milkybar Mix Ups White and Milk Chocolate Sharing Bag 95g
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Love it
Great mixture of the white and milk chocolate. Great taste Even better after taken out of fridge.
Yum yum tasty
Bought these as a treat for my 2 year old granddaughter and she ate them all so bought another bag to try myself I must say they are very nice just not enough in a bag to share 🙈
Got bought these as a treat, lovely snack, and a decent portion size.
Love them
Bought these as a whim on a special buy and I absolutely loved them and buy them lots i have 4 children in my house who all loved these too great tasting chocolates and super moorish I really enjoy them
Yum yum
Great product. These are lovely and taste amazing. My only down point is there is just not enough in a packet but I am greedy ha ha
Best mix of chocolate
Love these as love milk and white chocolate so this is a great mix
Alright not great
These chocolate are alright but not the best. They have a weird aftertaste. Definitely too expensive for the a,isn’t you get as well. I wouldn’t recommend these, way nicer chocolates available!
I bought this product on offer at my local One Stop for £1. Until I read the packet properly I though there was a mixture of white and milk chocolate buttons so was pleasantly surprised that they are both in one. I am happy and the taste is as always for Nestle.
Enjoyed them but prefer my milky bar buttons better . Didn't really like them mixed up either. Kids loved them so thumbs up for them .
Not for me
Tryed not very keen will stick to my milky buttons just dose not taste right to me the pretty colours and the white chocolate I wood recommended but not for me
Dig for a surprise, u never know which one u would get, they are soo addictive once opened I can’t put them down again
Absolutely gorgeous
These are delicious the only problem is once you open them you can’t stop eating them
Not a fan
Was looking forward to trying this product but was a bit disappointed. I felt they had a strange taste and not what I expected. The white chocolate was nice but not the milk chocolate.
Didn't like these
Not a very nice chocolate treat. I thought the 'milk chocolate' tasted a little funny. Maybe a bit cheap? I do like the small button style chocolates though. If they tasted better I would probably buy again. But as they are, I won't be recommending
Don't need too much as they are very sickly. Very chocolatey

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