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Milkybar Snack
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Mixed feelings
It is not too bad and nice, snack sized but it does taste different to the yoghurt pots and milky buttons. My son did not like it at all but for me they were quite ok, but could be better.
Not just for kids!
I love to keep these in the fridge as a quick snack. They taste amazing and they're not quite as naughty as a chocolate bar. Great alternative to the also amazing milkybar mouse.
handy lunch box snack
saw these and though would give them a try as we all like the milkybar yougurts although they were nice the flavour is just a bit different from the yougurt pots they are a great size for fitting in lunch boxes we would get them again but not as a regular thing
Handy fridge snack
So i saw these and thought they would be fab as we love the little pudding pots they do i thought these would be very similar tasting although i found they didnt quiet taste the same and seemed pretty sickly they are only small with a nice texture and a great idea my little boy enjoyed them and would have them again as a snack whether after dinner or after school although we would both probably not pick these as a first choice they are great to have in the fridge and i wish they did packs of 7 not 5 very nice with a soft cakey outter.
Big kid
Brought these for the kids and they loved them although only 5 in a pack and the husband quickly ate them too. If only they did bigger packs for the whole family 😂
These are a handy staple in the fridge for the kids and even us parents enjoy them, nice easy snack that tastes nice, tastes like milky bar white chocolate and has sponge on either side
A family favourite
These Milky Bar Slices may be small , but they are certainly mighty. They consist of two sponge layers with a smooth milky bar sweet yogurt filling between. Although it would be a stretch to describe them as a 'healthy snack', each individually wrapped slice contains only 105 calories , and only 5.2g fat. So they really are the little treat that fills a hole before tea time!
Perfect for the whole family!
Oh my goodness, so originally I picked these up for a fun snack for my children and they loved them. I decided to give them a try myself and they were so good , the outside cake was soft and light and the cool creamy middle filling was so delicious. A firm favourite often picked up with our regular big food shop now. Highly recommend to All milkybar lovers & enthusiasts!
I love this milk sandwich and the whole cheese series. delicious melt in your mouth. They taste all my family, especially children. I will definitely buy other packages. I recommend very tasty
I brought these for my daughter, she liked them, but they are abit sickly after a few bites. But overal there nice in moderation
The kids love these, I personally think they are a bit sickly.
My kids absolutely love these, they are perfect size, different to other snacks and have a lovely smooth and creamy flavour and texture, I will definitely buy more for myself as well as the kids.
Cheap Treat for Kids
These are an absolute delight to buy, especially for parents looking for a sweet treat to give kids of all ages! They are soft enough for my baby to each and taste great for anyone a fan of the Milky Bar chocolate! They are also not too big so won’t take up too much room in lunch boxes!
Hit with the kids
My kids loved these! They are the perfect snack on a hot summers day as they are tasty and were cool from the fridge!
I have tried this delicious snack. I loved the taste and my kids loved it. It has the perfect amount of sweetness!

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