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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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Best thing i ever had
This was bought from my own money, and i can say it is the best chocolate i have ever had!!! why this didnt came out earlier?
I gave this a 3 but it was a SO SO from me.. First time I have had a chocolate with crispy bits in.. Not something I would buy myself. I will try it again however now I know what to expect
I enjoyed this bar but got a little bored and ended up keeping most of it to give to the kids , was a bit bland for my liking ,felt like it needed something extra ,more flavour some how
Quite nice.
Didn't leave me wanting more in particular. Felt it was nothing special but still quite nice.
Very tasty chocolate. Love the crispy bits in it. A great way to eat m&m
Nice to try but prefer the round ones
This bar of chocolate was nicely different to try but not special enough to make me feel that I wanted to stop buying the grab bags with individual chocolate rounds in. I love M&M's they are great at making those colourful little chocolatey chocolates so I sadly will not be converted to buying a bar. The texture and fun arent the same experience for me in a bar form so I will continue to purchase the grab bags and stick to my other favorite brands for chocolate bar experience.

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