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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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If you like the blue bags of m&m's you'll love this...
Had a couple of these for a recent cinema trip and they are great. Crispy, crunchy and chocolatey. I'd say from the picutre they look slightly bigger than they are in real life but certainly worth the money for a little snack.
love it
am a huge fan of M&Ms anyway but was so excited to see these new chocolate bars. I had to buy one and i absolutely loved it. Will definitely be buying again. I would recemmend this to anyone whos likes M&Ms
Better than I expected and alot bigger, worth the money paid for it
I tried this with a bit of a worry that it was odd but was very surprised to when I tasted it. It was extremely delicious and I went back for more
Very crunchy
My favourite chocolate has always been the crunchy m an m so I had to get the chocolate bar and I was not disappointed. The crunch is felt throughout the whole chocolate bar just like you would with the m and m only bigger if you love the beans you’ll love the bar highly recommended
Not big enough!
Beautiful chocolate, I've always been a lover of crispy m&ms - however for the sized bar I wish the cost were a little lower and also wish it contained more of the crisp! Otherwise DELICIOUS. love crispy m&ms you will love this
Great taste
Chocolate itself was nice and tasty, it had the right amount of crunch to add to it, which makes the texture better. Lovely!!
Thought I’d give it ago as I love crispy m&m’s and it was so nice! Something a bit different to. There was quite a lot there, and I kept going back to get more. I have recommended it to friends and family
M and m
Amazing lovely taste.. bit gutted it was not in the u.k when I returned...Was in an American English shop...
this is best m and m has done all of these flavours were so good i recommend you to test it
Just perfect for that chocolate moment. I went straight back to the shop and got another
M&m choc bar
Lovely chocolate with a great surprise inside. Great idea.
Quick crispy sweet treat!
If you feel you’d like a crispy sweet treat then this is your go to snack.
If you prefer a bar as too the individual sweets this is for you doesn't affect the m&m flavour at all great tasting chocolate
Best thing i ever had
This was bought from my own money, and i can say it is the best chocolate i have ever had!!! why this didnt came out earlier?

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