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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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Love it
M&ms are my favourite chocolates and they didn’t disappoint with this chocolate bar, love them all.
Couldn’t stop eating
I bought this to share with my partner, but it didn’t maeke it the bus ride home. Delicious! Perfect amount of crispy pieces! You can find it super cheap in Poundland right now too.
Chocolate bar
I got this chocolate bar to try as I’m not keen on a lot of chocolate so though I’ll try this and it was really good it taste just the same as the little chocolate they have got.
Very nice bar to eat. Love crispy m&ms the extra bonus of chocolate bar too was fantstic
Nom Nom!!
Wasn't expecting much from this chocolate bar but OH MY it's absolutely yummy!! My husband purchased it after seeing it on display in our local supermarket, slightly more pricey than your average chocolate treat but if you're going to indulge you may as well have the best! I love crispy M&Ms and I thought the addition of chocolate would ruin them but they actually work so well together, I will definitely be buying more (and not sharing it with the husband!!)
I love M&M's and got very excited when I see these chocolate bars and I was not disappointed they are very nice and full of M&M's worth every penny
Best m&m chocolate
my opinion on this is that it is the best chocolate i’ve ever tried and it tasted so good i liked most that you could taste the flavour and it wasn’t just some boring chocolate
Great Chocolate Bar
One of the best chocolate bars very crunchy good texture. I warmed it up too tasted amazing melted. Very morish. Maybe large size next time should be provided. I would highly recommend
Tasty treat
I really liked this product but for some reason i didnt think the flavour was as good as the peanut of hazelnut ones they would be my go to
melts in mouth
A bit weird to eat M&M's like that, but it was a really positive surprise. Melting chocolate with crispy stuff inside :) All bar was gone within a couple of minutes, we'll definitely buy it again.
Crunchy Treat
I was really impressed with the quantity of m&m's in this bar. Sometimes when you bar a chocolate bar there is minimal filling. I though the product was good value for money and tasted really nice. I would buy this product again.
massive chocolate lover
Crispy are my favourite the of M&M's so this bar is perfect for me. There's plenty of M&M's in the bar, so chocolatey and crispy. Its big too!
Love it but expensive for what it is
Love crispy m&ms so naturally had to try this when I saw it!!! Was really nice but wouldn’t necessarily spend that much on a chocolate bar regularly - May have as a one of treat but tend to go for cheaper equally as good bars
nice and makes your mouth water when eating this chocolate bar.
Definitely recommend this chocolate bar. I love the M&M brand and am always excited to try any new products that they bring out. This is a great/yummy twist on the classic bag of m&ms and great for sharing however the picture on the front of the bar makes it difficult to break up neatly.

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