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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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Love them just a little sickly
Love this new bar! Very sweet and I always love cripsy bits in my chocolate and always pick the M&Ms crispy version when purchasing so in a bar form was perfect. I would just say it was a little sickly for some reason, not sure if it was because it was super sweet? But I would continue to buy
What more could you actually want! The blue crispy m&ms are just my all time favourite and this bar did not fail me at all ! If I had to make one bad point that would have to be the price. Unfortunately £2 (on offer) is not a price I’d pay regularly
Lovely piece of chocolate, very 'moreish'. Just the right amount of m&m's
Mmmmm lovely
Great all in one bar life doesn’t get any better than M&M bar
I love the crispy M&ms so had to try the bar and oh my it was so good lovely chocolate with crispy m&ms stuck in it would love to see smaller bars of this to be made
Love it
Lovely chocolate was a big hit with the whole house hold will recommend and definitely buy again I hope this product sticks around and isn’t a limited edition I am looking forward to trying the others
Perfect with a cuppa!
Perfect bar with a cup of tea. Delicious and full of flavour.
M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
I love M&Ms but this bar is just a perfect addition to my lunch box! Good size & perfect flavour. Crisps adding texture to this chocolate bar making it simple delicious!
I adore this
I love this because it has got that perfect mix between smooth and crunchy and it tastes amazing. If you like your chocolate with a bit of a crunch, you should definitely get this.
Love it
I love crispy m&ms anyway but was so happy seeing them in a chocolate bar. It was so tasty I just wanted more only thing is I thought it was a bit expensive for the size of the bar
Very Nice!
Lovely balance of m&m's to solid chocolate. Not sickly
I love this. Its my favourite m and m's in even more chocolate. Heaven. Perfect amount of crispy and delicious. Will be buying more!!
Love M&Ms
I love M&Ms and I love chocolate so this is a perfect combination for me! Chocolate is very smooth and creamy ad there is just right amount of M&Ms in it My household members must love it too as the half of the chocolate bar I have left for 'later' has disappeared!
Just have to try this .....
I loved this chocolate bar, all the different textures and that creamy rich chocolate 😍 will definitely be buying this again 😁 it's excellent for sharing but I will be eating all of mine Lol and I would definitely recommend trying this if you havent already. Mmmmmmmm nice 😍😁😍😁😍
I received this chocolate bar for Christmas. I really enjoyed the taste and the crispy bits gave it a nice texture. I would say this in one of my favourite M&M products. I would recommend this chocolate bar.

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