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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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Love it
I love crispy m&ms anyway but was so happy seeing them in a chocolate bar. It was so tasty I just wanted more only thing is I thought it was a bit expensive for the size of the bar
Very Nice!
Lovely balance of m&m's to solid chocolate. Not sickly
I love this. Its my favourite m and m's in even more chocolate. Heaven. Perfect amount of crispy and delicious. Will be buying more!!
Love M&Ms
I love M&Ms and I love chocolate so this is a perfect combination for me! Chocolate is very smooth and creamy ad there is just right amount of M&Ms in it My household members must love it too as the half of the chocolate bar I have left for 'later' has disappeared!
Just have to try this .....
I loved this chocolate bar, all the different textures and that creamy rich chocolate 😍 will definitely be buying this again 😁 it's excellent for sharing but I will be eating all of mine Lol and I would definitely recommend trying this if you havent already. Mmmmmmmm nice 😍😁😍😁😍
I received this chocolate bar for Christmas. I really enjoyed the taste and the crispy bits gave it a nice texture. I would say this in one of my favourite M&M products. I would recommend this chocolate bar.
Sugar rush, but M&M's coated in M&M chocolate... makes sense
These are fairly big bars, which is great. It isn't particularly good chocolate, and it's riddled with sugar... but when you think of it... who can say no to chocolate covered M&M's? Its like a textural delight.
Lush, nice and crispy. Great texture as well as taste
Great taste love it, good amount of m&ms the crispy ones are my fav so I’m a happy bunny
Very nice
Tried all the bars they are so addictive... this is my fave
Love the difference of this product against it's original. Possibly ate less with being a bar than a pack which is good. Standard M&M taste and the amazing crispy bits. Would buy again.
So nice and crispy I would highly recommend people to try it out
not bad
tasty , but i do not think i would buy again,the kids didn't enjoy it either
Needs to be in your basket
Love it! Crispy M&M's are my favourite along with the chocolate its a brilliant combo! I'm usually just a plain chocolate fan but I really liked this one. Definetely recommend!
Love this product just the right amount of chocolate and crispiness

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