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M&Ms Crispy Chocolate Bar
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Mandms crispy
I'm a massive fan of m&ms, so I couldn't wait to try this. I wasn't disappointed,
Crispy and great
Love this new range of incorporating our favourite m&ms into a chocolate bar. May be a little but more expensive as theh are new out but well worth it. Love the taste and would recommend to anyone My favourite out of the new m&ms chocolate range
Love love love
I absolutely love this chocolate. By far my favourite chocolate on the market. It's a little on the pricey side compared to other well known brands but that doesn't stop me. It's so tasty!
I absolutely love crispy m&ms, when I saw this product I fell head over heels and bought one of every flavour. However my happiness was short lived, the chocolate tastes cheap and the m&ms are chocolate filled not crispy although there are crispy bits it's just not the same.
Like gold dust
Found it really hard to find this product anywhere, all other flavours available everywhere! Got it in the end though.. worth the wait!
Covered coco pops
Ok but I think I’ll stick to peanut M&Ms. Just like coco pops with extra chocolate (never a bad thing)
Love a M&M
I did enjoy this as a treat now and again. Have to be in the mood for this though
favourite of them all
Big mnm fan and my favourite are these crispy gens that I can now get it in a bar 😁. Really nice and enjoyed it
Favourite with me.
I love this chocolate, it's a bit expensive so will tend to buy when on offer but it's very moreish
Great combo
If j were to describe it as something I would say it's a mixture of the crispy bars you get full of puffed rice and a more chocolatey version of smartie bar combined. I think it has a great chocolate ratio. Unlike the smarties version which is thin and with the crisped rice it just changes it completely.
Loves these new m&m bars. But I do feel the price is too much compared to other bars
A sensation of flavour
This bar had the perfect amount of m&m's with a brilliant balance of m&m chocolate to seal them all in. My only problem was that it was could've promoted its crispy flavour a bit better
M&m bar
I tried this and admit I was apprehensive but I shouldn't have been it was tasty and the design of the bar was fun will be sneaking this in with shopping quite often totally enjoyed it yum!
Loved this chocolate bar, it wasn’t too sickly as I often find chocolate. I really enjoyed the taste and loved the familiar taste of the m&ms. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves chocolate and m&ms!
Worth a try
Same as with my review of the just chocolate bar of this I thought it was worth a try but the price isn't worth it. I would buy again if on offer as they are quite nice and have enough M&Ms and crispy bits in.

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