4.9 5 0 8 8 Nairn's Gluten Free Flatbreads, made with wholegrain oats, are deliciously light and crispy and a perfect alternative to your lunchtime sandwich.
Nairns Gluten Free Flatbreads Original
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These are lovely! Lile a cross between a very light oatcake and a cracker. Very tasty and a lovely treat for us coeliacs! The others in the range are delicious also. A fantastic alternative for a light lunch or a late-night crackers and cheese fest
Loved it
Yummy!!!! I love to do different toppings for this crackers. Salmon soft cheese makes it so so good! definitely recommend it!!
A staple in my lunches
These are a staple in my lunch as choosing food can be a stressful ordeal! I particularly like them with hummus or cream cheese!
I love these Crackers, since being diagnosed as wheat intolerant I have struggled to find good substitutes that taste similar to a regular cracker. Amazing with cheese, and red onion chutney. I would recommend to anyone not just people that are gluten free!
Cannot believe they are gluten free
So nice to find ‘normal’ tasting food that’s gluten free. Finding suitable food when on the go isn’t easy, being individually wrapped means I can carry a pack with me so I have a quick & easy snack when out and about.
Gluten free? Never
I bought these as we were going to a friends party who is a coeliac. However most people devoured these and didn’t even question that they were gluten free. Lovely taste, crisp and crunchy. Perfect with any topping
These are sooooo moreish. Lovely and crunchy and very tasty you would have no idea they were gluten free.
Loved them
Very tasty, even my husband liked them, ill definitely be buying them again
I am recently GF and looking for a decent alternative to crackers and bread. If this is recommended, I will give it a try!
Love gluten free crackers, this flavour looks good, must try this product.

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