4 5 0 23 23 Opposites attract, so we've added a dash of creamy coconut milk to our Peri-Peri sauce to create a unique Mozambican flavour - with a zesty twist of lemon, a hint of garlic, and of course, our Peri-Peri chillies. Chilli rating - medium, Gluten free, No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
Nando's Coconut & Lemon 125g
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Very spicy!
Bought this expecting it to be medium as it says on the label however have found its much spicier than you expect.
Very nice for a mild option
We love peri peri n general but wanted to try a few flavours, we love the mango one and usually go for the classic medium or hot. This was lovely and tame for us, we loved the amount of coconut but added a little chilli to warm us up. The only thing I would suggest is to leave whatever you want to marinate overnight for a stronger flavour.
Too hot
I boughtthis as my partner loves all things spicy but I dont so I thought it may be a little milder as it had the coconut to level it out somewhat but unfortunately it didnt and it was still too spicy for me the taste was nice but I didnt like the spice
I really enjoyed the flavour even tho I normally like a bit more heat. This was yummy I use nando sauces on a daily basis and would defonatly purchase this again. Even my 3yr old enjoyed it.
Not for me
I didn't enjoy this at all. I wouldn't try it again
Too mild for me
If you cant handle too much chilli this is the product for you. It had a lovely flavour and the chilli is extremely subtle. I like a little more kick and will go back to my usual Peri Peri medium hotness sauce.
Love nando’s sauces
I love most Nando’s sauce but this is next level. I love coconut and lemon 🍋
Would recommend
I really like this sauce it has a creamy texture with hints of spice coming through. I find it perfect with chicken and salads. I use this sauce near enough every day and I can't recommend this highly enough!
This is Delicious. It has a lovely taste with a bit of warmth. Love it with chicken, meat and even on a salad.
Nice tasting sauce! Would most definitely buy this one again :)
This product packs the same heat as the 'Medium' Nando's sauce but with the addition of a mild Coconut flavouring which adds a somewhat creamier texture. I personally prefer other Nando's sauces to this particular one. We tried it on chicken tacos and it added a pleasant flavour but I probably wouldn't purchase it again.
Pleasantly spicy
Really nice taste with a slight kick to it. Adds great flavours to any chicken dish. I even used it over the top of sausages and it was great. You need to try it to appreciate it. Great addition to your meal.
I bought this sauce on a whim, but i'm glad i did, wow, wow, wow, The flavour is divine and brought some much needed zinginess to our BBQ, we tried it on steak, chicken and burgers and it was amazing. Makes a fabulous accompaniment to a salad, wrap or a dipping sauce for pizza.
Thank you Nando's.
I'm not a lover of too much spice so the addition of coconut and lemongrass make this Nando's sauce their best yet - in my humble opinion. It's too mild for my fire-eating partner, although he does agree that it has more fragrance and depth of flavor than other Nando's sauces.
Packs a punch
Great for those summer bbqs, either marinate your chicken or fish or add some flavour to your salads with this family favourite from nandos

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