4.6 5 0 12 12 Opposites attract, so we've added a dash of creamy coconut milk to our Peri-Peri sauce to create a unique Mozambican flavour - with a zesty twist of lemon, a hint of garlic, and of course, our Peri-Peri chillies. Chilli rating - medium, Gluten free, No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, Suitable for vegetarians
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Pleasantly spicy
Really nice taste with a slight kick to it. Adds great flavours to any chicken dish. I even used it over the top of sausages and it was great. You need to try it to appreciate it. Great addition to your meal.
I bought this sauce on a whim, but i'm glad i did, wow, wow, wow, The flavour is divine and brought some much needed zinginess to our BBQ, we tried it on steak, chicken and burgers and it was amazing. Makes a fabulous accompaniment to a salad, wrap or a dipping sauce for pizza.
Thank you Nando's.
I'm not a lover of too much spice so the addition of coconut and lemongrass make this Nando's sauce their best yet - in my humble opinion. It's too mild for my fire-eating partner, although he does agree that it has more fragrance and depth of flavor than other Nando's sauces.
Packs a punch
Great for those summer bbqs, either marinate your chicken or fish or add some flavour to your salads with this family favourite from nandos
Now this is worth a buy! Gorgeous flavour and brings some serious zing to your chicken. I’ve always got some of this in for chicken wraps, salads, anything!
Not for me
This smelt really nice but unfortunately I found the flavour really artificial and synthetic. It looked ok but I would not buy it again , also think it’s overpriced just because it had the Nando’s label.
I love nando's and thought would give this a go to my surprise it's as good as going into nando's looking forward to trying the other flavours
Nice and tangy but flavours are overpowered by spice.
If you love nandos and want ago at making your own this is a great sauce too put with your dinner!home made nandos can you get better?!
Nom nom nom
Another great peri-peri sauce addition from Nando's to try with your chicken.
A great addition to use with your chicken. I love coconut so this was ideal. Coconutty with a little added heat.
I love this dribbled over my chicken and salad I love all the flavors they have ideal for family bbq

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