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Nando's Perinaise BBQ
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Not as good as i expected
Was expecting a more flavoursome BBQ sauce. Felt very watery and I preferred Tescos own brand BBQ sauce over this. Shame as I like all the other Nandos sauces. This wouldn't be my first choice
Nando's this is not good! This tastes nothing like bbq sauce. It's far too sweet to put on any savoury meal. Sorry nando's will not be buying again
Only nando's sauce for me
It is just like the peri tamer of the kids meal which is the sauce I always have hence buying. It is a favourite for my 6 year old and my 2 year old now and again while hubby and older to like the spice and heat of hot an extra hot
Im all for making my own home made fast food it's healthier and sometimes even tastier but this dosent taste like the one used in nandos very very sweet!
Doesn’t take like the sauce you get in Nando’s wouldn’t buy again.
Not ideal for true bbq lovers
I love bbq sauce! The traditional bbq sauce that is. However when I decided to try the Nando’s version of bbq, I was highly disappointed! You’d expect Nando’s to be on point, but in fact it doesn’t even resemble bbq at all.
Great BBQ sauce with a sweet and mild spicy flavour. Would recommend this for those having chicken at home. Why not add a Nandos taste to your meal!
Personally I loved this. Im not normally a fan of BBQ sauce but really liked this one
Think I'm going to be sick. It's so sweet. Too sweet for a bbq sauce
All the family use it, great as BBQ Chicken or wing really good cheat and saves a lot of time preparing the BBQ Sauce
it looks very interesting and it is worth checking i bay regural bbq sos
lovely,tasted great,a little to mild for me,but thats just my preference.good sized bottle,and does taste of barbecue peri peri.
We use nandos sauce at home very tasty especially when I'm grilling my chicken but I have not tried this new one would vlovecto try it
I love the bbq perinaise in nandos, and love the nandos sauces so would be intrigued to see how this one tastes
I love BBQ sauce and also love eating at Nando's. I can't wait to try this product! It looks really yummy. I really like the packing as well.

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