4.3 5 0 117 117 Crunchy biscuit cups made with wholegrain oats and chocolate pieces, a chocolate flavour base, a peanut butter flavoured filling and peanut pieces.
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Not buy again
Found this product to be very hard and did not like the taste compared to other products in this range won't buy again
Great combination of a biscuit/ cereal bar/ peanut butter. The biscuit is a really yummy chocolate chip cookie that definitely has some mixed spice in there. Then the bottome has been dipped in dark chocolate, but to top it off they have popped a teaspoon of yummy crunchy peanut butter in the top so that the biscuit isn't too dry. Perfect snack for when you're on the go becease you don't even need a cup of tea with it!
yummy yummy loved them very tasty indeed but i love pea nut butter anyway so it gets a big thumbs up to nature valley
Look better than they taste
Saw these on the shelf and didnt hesitate to pick up. Was very disappointed, ending up dunking them in my coffee as they are so dry and lacking in flavour. The biscuit is very dry and too oaty, the peanut butter topping is bland and the price is a bit steep for what you get. Shame as expected a nice snack biscuit here ☹️
Good taste just a bit dry
I tried them yesterday real Good taste just a bit dry. You can feel real ingredient taste. Just a bit too dry they are in a small package of two pieces inside the box.
these are much dryer than they look on the picture. the topping looked like it might be softer and the biscuit its self was also harder than i expected them to be. i cant recommend these since there are nicer productes out these, even from the same brand
Nice but costly
I bought these a while back and whilst I loved them (what’s not to like? Peanut butter and chocolate) I felt for the price the biscuits were too small and not enough in a box. A useful snack all the same
A bit dry
As with a lot of Nature Valley snacks, these are quite dry and require washing down with a glass of water (or hot drink). The flavour is really nice and the peanut butter does help with the dry-ness however I don't think I'll be buying these as a regular snack.
Need to eat with a cuppa
I loved them albeit a bit dry. You need to down these with a hot cuppa. We got these as rewards at work NHS. I waxed most of them off by myself.
Great snacks
Some of nature's valleys other snacks can be a bit dry but these aren't. They are crunchy, buttery and full of flavour. It's a definite favourite among the kids and I try buy them whenever we see them on the shop shelves.
These are brill when your on the move and a healthier option and a good source protein.Taste really scummy a regular buy in my house.
Bought these for a snack at work Found them quite dry and tasteless Was a bit disappointed as they looked very nice
Amazing mix of tastes
Brought these for breakfast as I’m always too lazy to get up early enough to have it. They’re lovely and crunchy with nice and soft peanut butter. They’re packed full of flavour and I love the mix of the peanut butter and chocolate.
Great travel snack
We bought these to have as easy snacks on the go whilst travelling. They were convenient and very tasty
Great pick me up for work late morning. Peanut butter is just right with the biscuit and chocolate. Could be improved by having them individually wrapped as 1 is generally enough for me

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