4.4 5 0 94 94 Crunchy biscuit cups made with wholegrain oats and chocolate pieces, a chocolate flavour base, a peanut butter flavoured filling and peanut pieces.
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These are so tasty. Very moorish and as you only get 4 in a pack the box doesn't last long. Definitely will buy these again!
Super lovely little morsels of joy, especially good with a mid morning coffee for that little treat!
Natures valley
I didn’t know these existed until I saw them on here and searched high and low for them in supermarkets. Eventually found them available in one and bought 6 boxes . I knew I would love them
Peanut butter in a biscuit - Yum!
I do enjoy Nature Valley snack bars but some are very hard to bit into. These are perfect for a quick bite or a biscuit with coffee. They are nutty and yet sweet and have just the right amount of crunch and favour to satisfy.
Indulgent and tasty
Great little packet of biscuits for when you're on the go. I especially enjoyed these at my desk at lunch when the mid-morning snack attack hit! The only thing I would say is that I wish they were slightly lower in calories.
Nice Snack!
Thought these were quiet hard to bite into, but are very nice! Just wouldn't recommended these for people with fragile teeth. The peanut butter was a nice touch :)
Not enough peanut butter for me
I really like these kind of snacks however for me there was not enough peanut butter couldn’t really taste it. The biscuit was nice but I think they are a bit over priced for the product.
Great product!
I'm a peanut butter freak and just love them! Great as a snack to work or day out. Not too sweet but very peanuty! All the peanut butter lovers would definitely love this product!
A little overwhelming
The peanut butter was a little overwhelming because it was all in one spot but I liked that it was filling. Spread the peanut butter out or lessen the amount. I would recommend it.
Peanut Butter freak!!!
OMG!! Where have these snacks been all my life? Was hesitant when I first bought them,but as I’m a peanut Butter freak and love anything containing it I thought I’d give em a try! First bite was love,not too sweet,right balance of peanut butter lovely stuff and totally moorish! GREAT!
Very Tasty
These peanut butter cups are a lovely treat and are very morish! I love most of the Nature Valley bars but these are by far my favourite.
I love the nut butter range from Nature Valley! All of the biscuits/cookies taste sooo good! Very indulgent and pretty high in calories, so not an every day treat :)
Overall the product was delicious, it really hit that sweet craving spot. It was chewy, and soft with the sweetness of the peanut butter. They’re too moorish! Definitely would recommend for any peanut butter lovers!
Bites of heaven!
I'm a sucker for peanut butter products but this may be my favourite. They are rich enough that they feel like a treat and you do not need lots to feel satisfied. Great taste, now a cupboard staple.
Not bad
These taste quite good and are not too sweet which is nice. But I found them far too dry, I had to have a drink while eating them. I'm not going to rush out to buy more.

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