4.2 5 0 123 123 Crunchy biscuit cups made with wholegrain oats and chocolate pieces, a chocolate flavour base, a peanut butter flavoured filling and peanut pieces.
Nature Valley Nut Butter Cups Peanut Chocolate 4 Pack
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Nutty delight
If you love nutty flavours you will adore these. A great crispy nutty biscuit that is great for 10 o clock coffee times.
I absolutely love these, the taste great, really nutty and are so easy to grab for breakfast whilst on the go. Go on give them a try.
Nature valley
Very tasty handy little snack great for adults and kids and for on the go
Amazing little snack Could have eaten the full box in one go
Peanut butter cookie
I bought these as i love peanut butter, i thought these were quite a dry biscuit, and I didnt like them very much, prefere the sandwiche biscuit.
Yummy amazing
I had one after my fitness classes to help me get a little pick me up before I had my dinner. I am very amazed how tastely they are, I will be buying more in the future.
Love it
Amazing taste, would highly recommend who loves peanuts butter.
Really delicious and quite filling for a snack or breakfast substitute, I often have these by my desk at work for elevenses with a cuppa... I have enjoyed them so much I continue to purchase again and again
Now.. This food is absolutely beautiful! It tastes devine honestly. I hated peanut butter Before these. Now I love it
A fulfilling snack on the Go
These are perfect for busy days as a fulfilling snack. Packed lunches or just comfort snack. Tastes delicious for anyone nuts about nuts.
So tasty
Love this product, very tasty and filling. Would buy again.
These are gorgeous and I love that they are made with whole grains. Peanut butter and chocolate are my go to naughty treat and these are just the right size to satisfy the sugar craving but it's hard not to eat the whole box.
Healthy it's not but taste is great!
This Nature Valley product is not your typical cereal bar. If you are looking for a healthy snack I would not call it the most wholesome of them all. However, it is a biscuit that tastes great, any peanut butter lover will acknowledge this.
These are delicious
These are soo yummy. They really are a perfect little treat. They give you that sweet treat you look for.
So delicious
Tried these when they were on a promotion and was so pleasantly surprised! They are not like other Nature Valley products, they have a lot more flavour and aren't dry. I always look out for them when they're on special offer as at full price they are quite expensive.yummy!

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