4.3 5 0 122 122 Crunchy biscuit cups made with wholegrain oats and chocolate pieces, a chocolate flavour base, a peanut butter flavoured filling and peanut pieces.
Nature Valley Nut Butter Cups Peanut Chocolate 4 Pack
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I purchased these as an alternative to my usual Protein bars. I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend. The consistency of Peanut Butter was perfect as I was worried it may be over powering. Would be buying this again
Peanut butter cookies
I tried these when on offer. They are so moorish. Tried the same brand if other bars. So far have enjoyed them all. Will definitely keep buying. Better when on special offer.
I would certainly buy this product again and again, it’s absolutely delicious
Nice but contains palm oil
I love the taste of these. They are seriously filling and moreish. The combination of nut butter and biscuit is delicious. Unfortunately these contain palm oil and with no indication it's sustainably sourced, I can only conclude it's not so I wouldn't buy again.
Really enjoyed these for a quick easy snack after either the gym or running about! Taste great
Nature Valley Nut Butter Cups
These biscuits are delicious. The peanut butter taste is great and it makes you want more.
Nice balance of peanut, biscuit and chocolate
Lovely crisp biscuit with peanut butter and a thin layer of chocolate. Nice texture of the peanut bits and crunchy biscuit. Can't wait to have some more.
They are gorgeous ate half of the box in a day. Also the smell of the biscuits is heaven. Can’t wait to try another pack
Nature Valley
I tried these at work, unfortunately I had a loose filling so it was quiet an ordeal to eat them. They are quiet hard so anyone with a tooth problem or I would think with dentures will find them hard to eat. They are quiet tasty and filling as a snack. Excellent for anyone who likes nutty products
A bit dry
I love the range of Nature Valley, and I love crunchy peanut butter. But I found this great rather dry and it stuck to the roof of my mouth, I had to keep drinking between bites to be able to release it. Not my favourite treat of the day.
Peanut butter cups
These make a delicious snack for on the go, and help keep chocolate cravings at bay!
Too dry
I love peanut butter, but I was not at all impressed with this product. I expected a soft creamy texture, but I found it all to be very dry.
Amazing cups lovely amount of butter nice crunch really nice
Super tasty
Super tasty and cheap and affordable I would highly recommend trying
Like cardboard
I love most items with peanut butter,but this was very disapointing. Very hard base which tasted bland, very little peanutbutter taste. My teeth were coated in the nasty filling and took 3 good brushes of my teeth

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