4.1 5 0 163 163 NEW instant Non-Dairy Coconut Latte made with high quality coffee and coconut. 100% high quality Arabica beans and coconut. Being a plant-based latte, this NEW Non-Dairy Coconut Latte is suitable for Vegans and is certified by the Vegan Society. High quality and sustainably sourced from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Vietnam and Indonesia.
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Very sugary not enough coffee
I'm not a fan. Smells delicious. Lots of coconut but not enough coffee.
Did not like it
I bought this on offer, I thought it's coconut and it would be good but unfortunately I didn't like it. Too much coconut, not enough coffee.
Smells amazing
I found it okay, nothing to rave about. It smells delicious but doesn’t taste as good, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I don’t love about it
Not really keen
Tried this as I love coconut but it wasnt to my taste. There was abit too much coconut for me.
my lovely cup of latte
i really enjoy a good cup of perfect latte. this coconut latte exceeded my expectations. taste is really coconut flavor, also aroma too. this is perfect drink for chilly autumn- winter evening.
coconut latte
I love all kinds of coffee and when i spotted this on offer i just had to try it.. Sadly it isn't my cup of tea or should we say coffee. There caramel variety on other hand is amazing. Sadly this isn't for me.
Nice but could be better
I love that kind of products. I bought it as I though it will taste great, unfortunately it's not so good. Nice but could be better
Warming and creamy
Lovely Creamy coffee with delicious coconut. What's not to like warming comforting when it's cold outside
Coconut + Coffee - Wow!
The two things I love most in one cup! What is there not to like? Creamy and warming with a lovely coconutty flavour! This will be on my shopping list every week!
Great coffee
Great coffee with a nice coconut smell and taste . Definitely worth it .
Really tasty I’m a real coffee lover and was reluctant to try a coconut flavour as I love the coffee taste but it was great
warm and yummy
lovely and tasty and warm and relaxing and very soothing as it makes you feel relaxed and comfy.
I bought these for my Daughter who is lactose intolerant and she loved them. She said they tasted just as good as a regular latte without the effects of milk overload to her stomach. Great alternative from Nescafe
I love coffee and coconut. But together it didn't work for me. I couldn't drink it. However my husband liked it.
Prefer oat or soya
Pretty good but I think it would be nicer with oat or soya as they taste better. Would still buy again though.

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