4.1 5 0 167 167 NEW instant Non-Dairy Coconut Latte made with high quality coffee and coconut. 100% high quality Arabica beans and coconut. Being a plant-based latte, this NEW Non-Dairy Coconut Latte is suitable for Vegans and is certified by the Vegan Society. High quality and sustainably sourced from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Vietnam and Indonesia.
NESCAFÉ GOLD Non-Dairy Coconut Latte
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Delicious and no bad belly grumbles
I absolutely love a sachet latte, but often find that after a couple in a short space of time, you get that awful belly grumbling and cramping from all that powdered milk.. Not any more!!! i can (and maybe did) drink all 6 sachets during one work day of 10 hours - 0 cramps or grumbles and 8 occasions when i felt all warm and yummy and coconutty. I cannot recommend these enough!
Love it
The taste is amazing, i love coconut! Its rich and creamy. Nice!!
Lovely taste
Great tasting latte without being over powering brilliant alternative to dairy without losing taste
NESCAFÉ GOLD Non-Dairy Coconut Latte
Nice smooth drink with a hint of coconut, a change from regular latte. Handy sachet size to take anywhere
Nice alternative coffee
Nice alternative coffee, taste good, a bit too coconut flavour for me, but apart from that good product
Too sweet
A lovely creamy coffee for those that miss out due to dairy allergies. Although made with coconut milk - the coconut flavour does not overpower the coffee. It froths just like the original ones. I dont take sugar in my drinks so found this a little too sweet for me. Hopefully an unsweetened one will follow
Fair play for bringing something new, however price is not adequate to quality.It is not bad , but not good either . Could be a bit more creamy and dissolve better. I don't like residue at the bottom of my mug.
Rather sweet good to see this as a vegan option..
For me this is rather too sweet but it is a nice treat. I wouldn't really describe it as a latte but it is a special sort of a coffee. I would only buy it on offer and not as a regular thing as it's not that cheap and not particularly healthy! Loving all the new vegan products though!
Creamy Sweetness
Combining coffee and coconut was always going to be a winner! My new favourite!
Coconut Nescafé
Good match coffee and coconut. Nice taste. I recommend it.
Not a latte
I was excited to try this new range, but calling it a latte is a bit misleading. It’s not frothy or milky like other milk based sachets, but obviously it’s a great start and move forward for vegan products.
Not very coconuty. Fun aftertaste. Just tastes like almonds.
Very sugary not enough coffee
I'm not a fan. Smells delicious. Lots of coconut but not enough coffee.
Did not like it
I bought this on offer, I thought it's coconut and it would be good but unfortunately I didn't like it. Too much coconut, not enough coffee.
Smells amazing
I found it okay, nothing to rave about. It smells delicious but doesn’t taste as good, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I don’t love about it

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