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Nestle Extreme Smooth Hazelnut with Creamy Vanilla
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Luxury chicolate
We had these on holiday last year in Spain, they are really big and so delicious. The ice cream was so creamy. Very filling because of the size. A big hit with the kids and mummy..
Extreme ice cream
Was really nice, but box mentions 4 in a box but only 2 on both occasions, unless packaging number has now been updated
Love it
I love chocolate and hazelnut, these cones are lovely, nice and creamy with a great flavour. The extreme cones have become a permanent addition to our freezer as all the flavours are great....this one is by far my favourite though
Really nice
These tastes really nice and didn’t disappoint they have become a freezer staple
Very nice ice cream
Very nice ice cream with hazelnuts and creamy vanilla taste. I do like ice cream with nuts and this is one of the best on the market. Would definitely buy it again.
Lovely combo
These are the best of the cornetto range Lovely mix. Had the right amount if sauce inside to make it taste even nicer. Maybe could do with more varieties though
Absolutely beautiful could have eat the hole box myself
with the whole family I love this ice cream, when it was warm outside, often we did not reach for them, they are super tasty chocolate melts in the mouth crispy wafer nice price because you can find the whole package for 1 pound
i am ice - cream addict
i love ice- cream, this is the best thing ever made it. so of course i tried this new nestle extreme ice cream range too. i loved all flavours, but this one - smooth hazelnut with creamy vanilla is my favourite one yet!
Intense ice cream
Definately a step up from the other Nestle ice cream as it has much more nuts and a creamy taste. I like the fact that the cone was filled with more chocolate. Perfect for parties.
Nice and indulgent
Nice and indulgent It’s always good to have at least one box of this in your freezer you never know when you need to sit down and think about something and work out problems or just enjoy
lovely creamy ice cream with hazelnuts and chocolate
it really is a nice treat. takes very indulgent. Weill definatley have again.
Taste amazing
Nestle products never disappoint. Very tasty as always!
nestles extreme
really liked the taste it didnt melt quickly so it wasnt messy

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