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i am ice - cream addict
i love ice- cream, this is the best thing ever made it. so of course i tried this new nestle extreme ice cream range too. i loved all flavours, but this one - smooth hazelnut with creamy vanilla is my favourite one yet!
Intense ice cream
Definately a step up from the other Nestle ice cream as it has much more nuts and a creamy taste. I like the fact that the cone was filled with more chocolate. Perfect for parties.
Nice and indulgent
Nice and indulgent It’s always good to have at least one box of this in your freezer you never know when you need to sit down and think about something and work out problems or just enjoy
lovely creamy ice cream with hazelnuts and chocolate
it really is a nice treat. takes very indulgent. Weill definatley have again.
Taste amazing
Nestle products never disappoint. Very tasty as always!
nestles extreme
really liked the taste it didnt melt quickly so it wasnt messy
So tasty! Absolutely love the flavour of these and they have a gorgeous chocolate core too
Not really worth the money
I brought these when they first started advertising them and they looked great. However not sure if i had a dud pack... they didn't have a soft chocolate/hazelnut centre and the best part with chocolate at the bottom was tiny. Was kind of disappointed as cheap versions can be a lot better than these. Flavour was nice .. i really liked that but i wouldn't be buying these again.
Extrêmely Yummy!
Purchased these when they were on offer for £2 down from £3 (we were a little greedy and decided to try all the flavours, not in one sitting mind LOL). The taste of the ice cream was a lovely blance of vanilla and cream with a very nice texture and I must admit we all (me, my husband and my 5yr old son) enjoyed these and prefer them to other coned icecreams available in the supermarket, I can’t say that we would pick these over the icecream man though. Overall a very nice icecream treat that we would definitely buy again and in all of the flavours!
Major hit in our house
I purchased these as my son was so so desperate to try them, and everyone loved them. I think they are a little on the expensive side, so it’s a nice treat for us all every now and then
Bought these to try when on offer. Creamy ice cream delish, would definitely by again.
So very good!
Bought these on offer during the summer and Oh. My. God. They definitely taste as good as they look on the box! Especially nice that the cone itself is delicious all the way down to the bottom rather than the cheaper versions which are a bit “cardboard”. Kids and I loved them and will be buying them again.
These are to die for! The caramel on top and going through the middle is amazing, the ice cream it’s self is so creamy and the chocolate is delish
Perfect on a hot day
Not as nice as their original variety, but still a fantastic treat (especially when on offer) on a baking hot July day at work. The whole team loved them

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