2.9 5 0 40 40 This innovative pore strip transforms into a scrub with dual action and benefits: Strip: Instantly targets blackheads, even the ones you can't see, with a spot fighting ingredient to help prevent future blackheads. Scrub: Gently exfoliates and unclogs to visibly reduce the appearance of pores, for a refined complexion.
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Strip to Scrub 6 per pack
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Sadly not 😢
I used these to try and remove nasty blackheads and I'm sorry to say did not help they were really not up to standard which is a shame as good make just not good results I will not be getting again
this one dosnt exactly do his job,is not working on my skin
More scrub then strip
The strips we're not as good as I had hoped, and they didn't remove my blackheads. On the plus side, the smell was not overpowering and I did like the strip to scrub idea, so I may buy again based on this.
Black head
I suffer a lot with black heads especially in the nose and chin area. I love using these as they do work for black heads and leaves your skin feeling clean and also soft. Defiantly would recommend
Blackheads remover
I tryed one those blackhead removers and I thing they are good ones.
Ok, but can get better for cheaper
Does the job, works, but doesn't work as well as some other similar products, even ones that can be found in pound or 99p shops, so definitely not worth the price. Better to get a cheaper one.
Not that impressed
For the price I was expecting a lot more . The patches are rather large so make it awkward fitting . They turn into a rather gloopy mess . They didn’t make any difference in clearing any blackheads that I had . I wouldn’t purchase this product again and I would t recommend them to others
Was ok
Wasn’t as good as I was expecting for the price, probably won’t be buying them again. But they sort of did the job until I find the ones I originally wanted to buy. I wouldn’t recommend unless you can’t find an alternative
Thought I'd give these a go they were a little pricier than I normal pay and unfortunately I regretted it the product is way too big making fitting ackward and frustrating to say the least and not very good at what they are supposed to do
Good product
Helps alot with blackheads. Easy to apply and remove. Leaves my pores clean.
Didn’t work
Disliked this product. They were very big patches which means they don’t fit well. They hurt coming off but didn’t actually do what they say they will. Overall disappointing especially as they are not the cheapest in the range.
Absolutely love these - it sounds disgusting but to actually see what you have pulled out of your face is crazy! i definitely feel that they pull out more dirt than other face cleaners can do.
recommended by friend
these are amazing leave skin much clearer and smoother
Nothing impressive
Expected to be smth like a strip that takes out black pores or pimples. Instead it is nothing like that. Does not stick to the nose at all. Moreover when wet- does not really turn into proper scrab ..
Wouldn't say it 'eliminates'
These strips are easy to use and smell lovely. Also make your face feel love and clean when you get to the 'scrub' stage. However, my blackheads didn't look any different after using. Also, had to scrub and rinse for quite a while to get it off my face, and still somehow had some left on there.

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