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Neutrogena Cracked Heel Foot Cream
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this was really helpful, although my crack was not much, it got rid of it in now time.it does go really down into the skin
Healed my cracked heels in only a few days
I bought this cream to try to improve my dry and cracked heels which seem to have been particularly bad recently and I can honestly say I was blown away with how good it is, literally a few days after beginning using it there was a massive improvement to both of my feet and the cracks had almost fully healed. I would highly recommend this to anyone with cracked or dry feet as if it can help mine then it can help anybody’s!
Smooth results
I love trainers and noticed my feet can get very rough and cracked I saw this and thorght give it a try and I was very pleased how smooth my feet where well done I would so recommend 😀
Neutragena Foot Cream - Fantastic
Came back from holiday and noticed my heals were sore and cracked. It came on so quickly. However, decided to try Neutragena Foot Cream as I have always found their hand cream works wonders. Within two days my heals felt much better. Within a week my heals felt wonderful and so much more comfortable. Amazing.
This is the best product I have found for dry skin on feet. Instantly feel it working. 👍🏻
Replenishing foot cream
With so many products available it’s difficult to choose the right one for you, this cream is easy to apply and seems to do what it says but doesn’t last as long as my usual brand...
Best product for feet ever
This is the best product ever for dry or cracked heels. It sinks in very quickly and you can feel it moisturising. By the next day your feet feel smoother and healthier. It is unperfumed which I don't usually like but it is going on your feet and so it smells of nothing really. Try it !
Heel repair
I needed this product so bad as someone recommended it to me l was wearing sling back shoes to my daughters wedding and was delighted it worked so well after a few applications
Thick and long lasting
Really thick and definitely made a difference to my heels. Non greasy formula... so much so I used it on my dried, cracked knuckles also as I find hand creams too greasy.
Tried it, Cracked it!
I have tried Dr. Scholl's cracked heel repair in the past but found it too thick - it took ages to soak in. Neutrogena cracked heel soothes as its applied, and is absorbed into the skin more quickly than Scholl. I brought this product on the strength of their hand products, which work wonders on work-worn hands, and was not disappointed. Neutrogena Cracked Heel cream will now be a part of my 24/7 beauty routine.
Wonder Repair Cream
Does what it says as in this day and age they say we are getting the same or better quality but what with the government spending more time with trying to live on the moon,build a wall and fight the war of all wars.In the meantime we have just make the best of it Anyhow I suffer from COPD and spend long periods in hospital one of the ways your body deals with the stress can cause severe water retention and for a 40year old female puffing up like and elephantitas in my ankles is not really a pleasant thing to cope with but after spending more of the past 5 years in hospital and having 3 heart failure,respiratory failures when the swelling goes down where it has stretched the skin literally like paper thin as it heals and the skin repairs itself I'm left with I guess the easiest way to say is shedding its outer layer as a snake does or if you have had sunburn and the skin repairs itself I have tried many different treatments but found it worked I say try it a go it really work!
Baby soft
Applied everyday during the winter months before you put your socks on in the morning and you will have lovely, baby soft skinned feet in the springtime.
Cracked heels
i use this on my feet most days especially with the summer coming up, when i like to have flip flops on my feet i like my feet to look decent, this was reccomended to me so giving it a go, i found it worked keeping my feet crack free.
No more cracked heels
I’ve always used Neutrogena hand cream and so I thought if this cracked heel cream works as well as the hand cream then it’s worth paying the little bit extra. I’m not sure about the smell of the cream, I can’t say it is a pleasant one. However this cream is fantastic, i used it for three nights and my cracked heels have Completely gone and they are now super soft and feel really revitalised.
Brilliant for dry cracked heels puts moisture back into skin

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