4.6 5 0 52 52 New Hydro Boost Water Gel, a refreshing water-gel moisturiser that contains a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix to instantly lock in intense hydration and continuously release it as and when your skin needs it throughout the day.
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Purchased as a dupe for clinique moisture surge, as I had seen a few recommendations online. A nice light gel moisturizer however I felt for myself it did not fully sink into the skin leaving me feeling slightly greasy. (combination skin). However at the cost, this is great value for money,
Great moisturiser!
Got this because I have oily skin and it’s great! Leaves my skins soft and doesn't leave any film afterwards it all absorbs nicely. Great for wearing under makeup too. Would recommend if you have oily skin.
Loved it!
Tried this as a sample and was amazing, loved the feeling and how fresh and clean my skin felt. I still buy it some times. I highly recommend it if you have a sensitive and mix skin.
A Little Boost...
I used it first thing in the morning after washing my face and it definitely did refresh my skin. It’s easy to apply, lightweight but still creamy and felt cooling and gentle. It also smoothed my skin and could be used as a primer for make-up. Yes, it does hydrate my skin but it certainly doesn’t last all day! I expected a bit more considering it has hyaluronic acid though it did reduce the puffiness slightly. It has a very feint, not-unpleasant smell (which is a huge plus!) and the packaging is fresh and clean– it feels like a calming and natural product. The pot is quite small and fits into my bag but for the price, I’m not sure it’s the best value for money considering it doesn’t quite live up to all its promises. Overall, this does make my skin feel awakened in the morning and it does work quite well as a base for makeup. No, I haven’t really seen any changes in the physical appearance of my skin but it is a nice – if a bit expensive - way to perk me up when I’m feeling tired!
Great product
Wow I love this cream feels so nice in my skin leaves it soft and feeling hydrated also has a nice smell.only small amount needed.
Great product
Love this product. I have used it for about 3 years now. It feels lovely on my skin with great results. Not too heavily scented and absorbs into skin quickly. Try it!
Great for sensitive skin
This moisturiser is super hydrating and leaves your skin feeling soo soft! I have pretty sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate it at all. I use it sparingly around the eye area to be safe. Totally recommend
Great little moisturiser
Neutrogena hydro Boost Water Gel, is really refreshing water-gel moisturiser which has been lush to use especially when it’s been super hot this summer! It contains Hyaluronic Gel designed to instantly lock in intense hydration and release moisture as and when your skin needs it over the day if used in the morning-really like how it feels, easy Of application but doesn’t always last all day compared to another moisturiser I use, however I would recommend it, great size not bad cost wise when on offer lovely little product!
My Go-to Daily Moisturiser!
I recently discovered this product and I'm so glad that I did! I suffer with acne so I struggle to find a moisturiser that doesn't me out, however this one didn't! The texture of the gel is almost liquid-like and absorbs into the skin super fast. It leaves your skin feeling super hydrated without any greasy residue at all! I apply this product before my makeup in the morning and my skin looks wonderful all day! I'm so happy with this product, I would recommend to anyone who's looking for a lightweight daily moisturiser.
The Hydro boost range from Neutogena is one of my favourites. I have dry skin and i'm a little lazy when it come to skin care so I like anything easy. It's all easy to use and does what it says. My skin always feel hydrated and plump! I will continue using it for as long as it exists!
this is so light and lovely. it goes on to skin very well. my only concern is that it has perfume in it. i wish they would make it without the perfume. they only do the dry skin one without perfume but that is thicker cream and not a gel.
Amazing product!
I first tried Neutrogena Hydro gel a few years ago when i was sent a sample to try. It was a little pot that lasted me quite a while and as soon as I started using this I absolutely loved it instantly. At first when you apply it...it is very cold but this also feels amazing because it feels very soothing and instantly refreshing literally like you have just had a facial at a spa! I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It left my skin feeling so soft and like i had just had a professional facial, I've been using this product since and I love everytime I use it.
Lightly hydrates, gently absorbed
Being over 40, I feel it’s really important to look after my skin more. Gone are the days of washing my face with just soap and a hot flannel. Nowadays, my face needs gentle care and affection. So, I was please to see this moisturiser on offer in my local boots store. My skin can be quite dry but I’m also still prone to spots so this moisturiser is ideal because it rehydrates without being too heavy. It is light enough to gently be absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy residue. After two weeks of using this moisturiser my skin is softer and looks brighter, my wrinkles don’t seem to be as deep and my skin has that dewy, iridescent look. So I’m really pleased and feeling good about my skin.
Good for dry skin
I usually buy a far more expensive face cream - however i saw this half price in boots and thought why not give it a try! With a good cleaning routine this works well (clean, tone, exfoliate then moisturise). It does't feel 'cakey' when on and you don't look shiny which are all + points. I use it for the daytime alongside my nighttime cream of a diffrent brand
Hydrating for a short time
This gel is lovely and refreshing when first put on to the skin and a little goes a long way. But after 5 minutes after it’s soaked in my skin is immediately dry again. I feel it would be ok for people with normal skin but mine being combination it doesn’t work best.

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