Neutrogena Visibly Clear Acne Light Therapy Mask

3.6 5 0 68 68 Introducing NEW Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask. Discover a whole new way to treat mild to moderate acne. With clinically proven light therapy used by dermatologists for over a decade, the mask harnesses the energy from red and blue lights to treat mild to moderate acne. The blue light kills acne causing bacteria whilst the red light reduces inflammation. For clearer, healthier looking skin, use every day.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Acne Light Therapy Mask


Easy, calming but discontinued
I bought this in the peak of this products introduction. I was interested in how light can change my skin and improve / prevent breakouts. I found using it was simple, forced you to take 5-10 mins out to yourself each day. We all deserve a break but often cant take it. Immediate after use is feeling the skin had a subtle tingle and gradually after a few weeks i noticed my skin was calmer , less red spots. Didn't remove all my breakouts though. I hated the 30 use limit remote that you have to buy and the most annoying thing now is that this is discontinued.
Acne mask
This was recommended to me by a friend who said it was amazing and worked for her. I brought the mask and also the pen. used a few times a week and used it for a few weeks to see if i noticed a difference. over all not much difference at all. spots were improving but new were coming in and after 4 months and a few refills for the product i stopped using as there was no progressive improvement to clearer skin
don't waste your money
im sorry to say please don't waste your money on purchasing this product as it's a waste of money it did nothing t all to my face and i did use it several times to give it a fair chance
Did nothing
I purchased this product with high hopes after seeing so many good reviews and so many people hyping it up. To say I was disappointed is an understatement! I used the full cycle to give it a proper try but it did absolutely nothing to my skin. Very disappointed especially considering how much I had paid for it.
Words can't describe how pleased I am
This light therapy mask is beyond amazing, I can't say enough good things about this mask, with this mask I have managed to bring down my acne so much and have managed to have clear skin, it also have reduced the acne scars and dark spots, its beyond easy to use as well, you just pop it on press the button and sit back and relax until the lights go off, I saw results the next day its sooo good, you have to use it regularly as its not a one time fix but I wear it as i watch tv and it's done for the day, with this mask I have managed to transform my skin, it's my go to thing for my face, the light are pretty bright and your eyesight might go green but when it done everything goes back to normal, this mask also saves a lot of money as getting light therapy in a clinic is very expensive, best light therapy mask ever.
Ongoing costs
I saw no improvement in my skin and it became difficult to get the attachment for it. Supposed to be 30 uses. Most I got was 21 and I used this for well over a year. It also gave me headaches for the first couple of months but I carried on using it as I really wanted it to work! Didn't live up to the hype!
not work with me
The remote control can only be used 30 times, one time is wasted if you press the wrong button, the light is harsh, although you have goggles, but it is useless
I have oily skin and have a bad habbit of touching my face more than I should so often get breakouts. I like to use this when preparing for a night out or when I’ve had a bad flare up. I do think it calms my skin slightly so blemishes look less red and noticeable, however I don’t feel like it makes a massive amount of difference. It also can give me a bit of a headache whilst using!
Didn't seem to do much for me sadly.
Didn't seem to do much for me, my spots are still here.
It cleared-
When using this mask ti looked quite funny. It was also daunting to put on as it is slightly scary looking. Once you put it on though, the results are instant. My skin looked 10x better after a couple of uses
My brother loves it
Brought this for my brother as he suffers from acne and has a lot of acne scars and he loves this. It does help reduce the appearance of the scars!
Tried at my friends house
Me and my friend have regular spa evening and she had this the last time I had went, her boyfriend had got it as a gift! I really enjoyed trying this. I have added it onto my long Christmas list
At home facial!
This product does not work instantly but my skin did look better after a few weeks. Seems like it’s really working! Perfect for a statisfying at home facial
This looks like a great product. I'd love to try it... .
I would love to try this i heard so many good thinks about it

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