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I wasn't impressed...
Nice smell, makes face clean and refreshed. I realised some slight improvement but it wasn't what I expected after reading provided informations. I have used all product and didn't notice to much difference...
Does not helps clear spots
The reason I gave such a low rating is because after I apply the product and it dries it starts to flake off my skin and it is very visible. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I cannot wear this product when I leave my house. My brother tried this product and said the same thing to me. I did test this product out properly even though it flaked badly I wanted to see if it would clear my skin amd get rid of my acne but did not. I used this product for 1 month and still do not like it. Price is too high as well and expected more from this product.
I suffer from really bad acne sometimes and in the past I used a poundland branded spot treatment and if I'm being really honest, the only difference is the packaging. I will, however, say that it does work, but it just calms the spot a bit and that's really it.
Cream for my teenage son
I bought this cream for my teenage son . He has acne spots and blackheads . He s been using it for the last 2 weeks and I can see an improvement: less spots and blackheads. His skin is getting clearer and smoother. The texture is quite light so not heavy and gets absorbed quickly with a very fresh light smell.
a miracle in a tube
this product has saved me on a number of occasions, when you have something planned and the week before you notice a apot occuring right where you dont need it! (weve all been there im sure) apply some of this bad boy a few times a day you only need a very small ammount and you will see it start to dissapear, Thankyou neutragena!
To be honest i expected to see more out of the product. Really tiny change on the skin.
Didn’t work that well for me or my daughters.The price you pay was a little disappointed but might be okay for others.
Wasn't overly impressed with product took a good few applications before I even noticed a slight difference
i noticed a change in my skin after about two weeks worked for me,,
I loved it , i had lods of breakouts with my new pill and was stressing me out alot but 2-3 uses made such a huge difference for me , absolutely loved it , amd will recommend to my friends
I love neutrogena products and this certainly did not disappoint, my skin looks and feels clearer while using this
Noticed a big difference in the clarity of my skin.
I had a big spot appearing out of nowhere one day! Got this and it was gone in 2! Loved it and definitly recomend it!
Takes a bit to see a difference but it worked pretty good for me
Ok for occasional blemishes but if you are looking for a long term cure this isn't it. Takes a while to see improvement

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