Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Clear Treatment


effects require some time to work
the packaging states that you can see effects of spots shrinkng in just 4 hours, but i couldnt really see or feel any difference! i think longer time is required for this to work
Really good product
Absolutely loved this especially because I have sensitive skin
It's ok for people that struggle with spots every now and then but I would say it will not bring quick results for people who struggle with acne. It leaves skin fresh and clean and helps clear up spots eventually.
i love this product as it actually works and i love the packaging of this too so easy to use and it did help to reduce my spots and make them less red and swollen highly recommend
Love this product
I love this product, leaves skin fresh and clean and helps clear up all impurities in your skin
Does work but takes time
If you apply it thickly just on the spot it will eventually work if you leave it overnight. It did take me many tries to get the technique right and to be honest it’s still not a product I’d buy again.
Effective for people with mild acne and the odd problem spot from time to time. It was effective for me.
Not what i expected
İ have acne and blackhead problems and want to try this product but it didnt work on me
I think this definitely worked in the end but didn’t find it ‘rapid’ and I didn’t get any sort of immediate relief.
I have tried this product a few times! It’s my go to for a quick fix to break outs. I can definitely see a difference when using this product! It’s great!
Really helps clear spots up!
I am a lover of this Neutrogena range and was eager to try this spot treatment. It was great. I put it on my spots at night and by morning they were visibility reduced in size and less red. I think it also helps to prevent you from picking your spots as you know there is a treatment on there to work it’s magic! Would recommend
Better out there
Despite the recommendations to use twice daily, I found it to irritate the skin and cause breakouts if used even daily so would recommend you use this product weekly and build up to allow your skin to become accustomed to the product. My skin is not usually very sensitive to products either.
use this product every night without fail, to help with any black head and spots, it's brilliant by helping these not to break out and cleans your skin, also smells really nice
It did help a little
The product did help on some of my spots, but sometimes the gel would start to peel off and noticeable during the day. I generally apply this at night to help reduce outbreaks
Neutrogena rapid clear gel
This is a must have in my makeup bag for the odd breakout. It helps clear pimples quickly & is helpful in clearing blocked pores. If you have full blown Acne however this isn't for you please see a dermatologist.

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