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Newburn Bakehouse Gluten Free Seeded Sandwich Thins by Warburtons
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A good product when you want to eat a sandwich but wish for something which is wheat and gluten free. Holds its shape well and does not crumble easily. It not only tastes great with the seeds in it but is healthy too!
Extremely tasty!
I found these extremely tasty and very moorish. Not too heavy for lunch with ham and cheese. Definitely on my regular shopping list.
A regular in lunchbox
These are great when you need to make a quick lunch. They taste great and do not crumble easily... just wish there was more in a pack!
At last edible sandwiches
Sliced GF bread tends to be far too thick for decent sandwiches- at least for me. These are just right and I don’t end up with a claggy taste in my mouth, but am able to enjoy something that comes close to a real sandwich. I just wish I could get them more easily.
Delicious alternative to gluten free bread
As a Coeliac, I've frequently found that regular Gluten Free Bread is rather thick - and small - for making sandwiches with. These are a great alternative 'bread product'. I've also used them to take into McDonalds when buying a 'burger-without-bun' and they work very well.
Soft with lots of seeds
These are some of the best sandwich breads available in the gluten free ranges. They are soft, do not fall apart, and have a good taste with lots of seeds. Ideal for taking on packed lunches.
Gluten Free Thins
These thins are far better than sliced bread for sandwiches. They don’t fall apart and are not as dry as gluten free bread and taste really good. I’ve frozen them too and they are as good as fresh when they come out of the freezer.
Great alternative
Great alternative to "normal" thins, one of the best gluten free bread products I've tried.
These are delicious, nice for a sandwich or toasted. They have a good taste with the seeds adding extra flavour.
Husband has a low tolerance for gluten and he really enjoys these. They make a decent sandwich and are tasty.
Love toasting this with dollop of butter without the guilt. Tastes amazing!
My son is coeliac so a lot of our food is gluten n wheat free. I tried these not only were they tasted they stayed fresh and you wouldn't of known they were free from unless you were told. Awesome product.
These have more taste than normal thins. Great for a light lunch ot ham salad sandwich ...yum!
These are great as a person with allergies I am limited when out and about if I forget lunch. But can get a decent lunch because of these
These are great unlike the gluten free bread these do not break up and taste great. Its also nice that they have a different flavour so I have a bit of variety. They also have fewer calories so its a win win product

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