4.1 5 0 27 27 Reveal a refreshed and renewed complexion with the new results driven, quick fix Retinol sheet mask from NIP+FAB. Infused with a blend of retinoid and antioxidants this gel sheet mask works to unclog and tighten pores and moisturise the skin. Unfold the mask and remove plastic sheet and place onto cleansed skin with the gel directly in contact with the skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes and gently peel away. Softly massage the remaining essence into skin. Discard after use.
NIP+FAB Retinol Fix Sheet Mask
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Drab not Fab
This product was extremely fiddly in applying correctly. There were no visible results immediately after using it either, disappointing all round and a waste of time and money.
Face mask
This product is good and mousiersises the right places, however, i did find that the mask size itself was quite big and covered more than just my face and i ended up getting product in my hair. i like the idea and it is very refreshing to use, leaving skin feeling smooth and bouncy
Feel so good
I bought this last week and I’m absolutely amazed by how it left my skin feeling just after application. You only need a few small Drops. Definitely will be buying again.👍
Lovely and refreshing
A lovely mask that left my skin refreshed and calm. A really nice treat after a busy day.
Love sheet masks
Big fan of sheet masks. Found this to be really hydrating and made my skin feel great afterwards.
Really good
Amazing, used this for a girly night in with my family, we all said how it made our skin feel smooth afterwards. Noticeable glow. 10/10
Love it
I absolutely love this face mask! Made my face look and feel very smooth! Made my skin glow! Will definitely purchase more
I got introduced to Nip & Fab by another customer in Boots couple of years ago. Now I use all their products and i'll never go back. They work so well with my skin at least once a month I like to take a chill day with a Nip& Fab face mask to really bring my skin back to life. I highly recommend all the products.
Not bad
This was an ok mask. Didn't stay on as expected but did feel that it made my skin feel fresh. I sadly wouldn't recommend this simply due to the downfall being that it didn't always stay in place.
This mask is ok however, i didn't think that the sheet stuck to my face or stayed in place when using. i normally love sheet masks but this one just didn't do it for me my face didnt' feel tightened after use just maybe a bit hydrated, i wont be buying again.
Good but not the best
I am obsessed with face masks, and whilst this one was ok it was not the best. The brand has a lot of face masks which are better than this. I do love sheet masks but this one didn’t stick too well, I’ll always prefer peel off mask! I’d definitely recommend using the brand but perhaps try a different product.
Not bad
I love Nip Fab items but I’m not a fan of sheet masks. This one didn’t want to stick on my face so had to almost lie down to make it stay on! My skin felt soft afterwards but the next day I had breakouts which I never normally get.
Cool face mask but would not use periodically
I love the immediate effects this product provides. My skin felt nice and smooth for a few days after however I found it sensitive, especially to the sun.
Good but not the best mask they have
I love Nip+Fab products, I have been using them for the last 10 odd years. The fit is good, as with all the N+F sheet masks, really nice smell. Nice and refreshing on the face, not too much of a change but did make my face feel smoother and pores did seem reduced. I'll try a few more times and amend when I have more info.
It Fine
Honestly speaking, this product isn't bad but it isn't great or amazing. I tried this before going to bed for about 15 minutes but I didn't see any benefits when I had used this. I won't be repurchasing

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