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Nivea Body Q10 +c Firming Lotion Normal
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It’s great creamy lotion. Small smell and easy apply. Doesn’t leave sling greasy. Pump so easy apply no need to put the bottle upside down :) Using it everyday and with drinking water suggested it works
Too greasy
I found this too greasy and didn’t soak into my skin and left my skin feeling really slimy. But the next day after it had been washed off...my skin was nice and smooth!
This product smells lovely. Goes on well... not sticky at all. Absorbs very well leaving my skin feeling refreshed. I would recommend this product as an every day moisturiser
I like it!
Easy to apply, quickly absorbed. The packaging with a pump is very convenient. My skin is visibly in better condition and properly moisturized. It pampers my skin and you just feel this vitality
I like this body firming lotion although I found it to be a thinner consistency to other body creams I have had. My skin did feel hydrated and soft afterwards so it did the job
Fabulous Firming Lotion
This Nivea Body Lotion was a bit of a revelation. It was a lovely light lotion that doesn't just sit on your skin. It's easily absorbed and conversely feels rich when applying it. Very lightly fragrance is a bonus too. It has Q10 and vitamin C added which gives it the luxurious feel. I noticed after a few days my skin feels smoother and seems more toned. Absolutely love this lotion and you will certainly see a difference in the softness of your skin with in days. Completely converted to this lotion.
Moisturiser only!
This I found to moisture well but didn't see any noticeable improvement in skin firmness. I did use it for a little over 8 weeks, in that time my skin wasn't any firmer at all.
Great lightweight moisturiser
I like to use this after a shower or bath. It is very moisturising and soothing. I have not noticed a difference in my skin's appearance but overall it is a good lotion. It also works great on stretch marks.
This works really well as a normal moisturizer, It is very creamy and moisturising just like every Nivea cream, making my skin feel soft and smooth. There is no signs of firming yet but maybe over time as I have only been using this for a little time.
Good as standard moisturizer
I would this product to work really well as a normal moisturizer, but I have't noticed any changes to the firmness of my skin.
Post baby usage
I used this after having my 1st child and i would say that it did make and improvement but i didn't keep it up so i can't say how much
Good moisturiser not sure if it firms
As with all Nivea products, very creamy and moisturising, making skin feel soft and supple.no evidence of firming anything yet.... and I’m not sure what or how absorbing vitamin c will benefit ?!
Great fragrance
The lotion applies really nice and smoothly and has a lovely smell. I suffer from dry skin and this lotion really helps keep my skin fresh and moisturised.
I use this lotion to firm my belly and even if I forgot to apply it every day my belly looks better than before
Works Well
Lovely light scented moisturiser that really does work within a couple of days. It absorbs into the skin easily with no oily or sticky residue. My arms and legs are much softer and definately smoother after just a week of daily use. My lower legs are no longer flaky.

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