4.8 5 0 36 36 For men who want to feel deeply clean and refreshed. This effective, yet mild gel with a sensual dark wood fragrance leaves your skin feeling deeply refreshed and cared for.
Nivea Men Shower Gel Deep Clean
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men smell good
fresh smelling leaves the men feeling clean and even gets grease of my son wow
I use this a lot. Leaves me feeling fresh and clean. And the smell lasts all day long
Perfect product my husband loves . Very nice smell .
Gentle scent, superb clean!
I tried all three Nivea products today. I was just about to jump in the shower and the postman knocked with the deliveries. I hopped in the shower and tried the NIVEA Men Deep Clean Shower Gel and I must say my initial reaction was that the colour of the product wasn’t what I expected, it was a light teal colour. I applied it to the body and it turned into a lovely silky leather with a light woody yet sporty masculine smell. Two hours later and my skin still smells of the scent and feels very soft! I thoroughly recommend this product.
I love that this is grey /black coloured,really nice smell and lathers up real easily, i would really really like to see more of this scent in the Nivea men's range ,bottle looks great in my bathroom too
My partner used this said it made him feel really clean and had a nice smell.
Long lasting scent.
Great shower gel, with a long lasting scent inspiring cleanliness and freshness, even after 10 hours after I used it. I would highly recommend this Nivea shower gel to active people or those engaged in physical activities on a daily basis.
Partner loves it
Has a strong smell and I actually used it aswell and feels really thick on but feels like it cleans that little more than normal so I would deffinatley reccomend this product
Smells lovely.
I bought this for both my son and my partner and they both love it. Great smell too.
Gorgeous smell
My husband absolute favourite. Tried it as a small sample he received from Nivea and has used it ever since. Plus a little goes a long way.
Smells great
My husband has tried this product and really likes it, He likes how it's for hair and body so he doesn't have to mess about with a separate shampoo, He also likes the smell as I do too. I will be getting him more of this.
Lovely fragrance
My husband loves the smell. Will definitely be buying it again
Nivia shower gel for men
Partner loved this all in one product. And it smells really good. Have bought more for him
Smells lovely
My husband and teenage son really like this, as it’s a 3 in 1 there’s no excuse for my boy not washing his hair! Smells really nice too.
Amazing!! Left feeling fresh and smelled like a million dollars without to much application!! Great value for money! They should make bigger bottles!!100%%% defo recommend!!! Would buy again

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