NIVEA Q10 60+ Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream

4 5 0 67 67 Proven Action & Visible Results for 60+ Skin: Looking for radiant, smooth eye contours and fresh, healthy looking skin around your eyes? With our proven results, the anti-puffiness eye wrinkle cream is designed to deliver 3x key benefits to help your eyes shine even brighter:   Reduce puffiness around the eyes Improve the skin's elasticity around the eyes Smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area   NIVEA Q10 60+ Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream contains an innovative triple strength formula specially designed for 60+ skin combining of Co-Enzyme Q10, Rose Petal Oil and Calcium.   Discover NIVEA’s purest quality, 100% skin identical Q10 to boost your skin’s metabolism with our eye wrinkle cream and replenish skin cells to improve regeneration and repair. Boost levels of natural coenzyme Q10 in the skin. This eye wrinkle cream provides long lasting protection against external aggressors which is vital to support the cells around the delicate eye area, helping them to regenerate better and remain healthy for a fresh look!
NIVEA Q10 60+ Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream


NUVIA Q10 60 Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream
I have often used NIVEA products in the past and found them kind to my sensitive skin.I was eager to try the Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream as, like many people,the last year or so has taken its toll! I found it easy to use - just a tiny bit of product needed.There was no irritation- huge bonus! I noticed a difference within the first 3 days and was pleased with the overall result.
Review of Nivea anti-puffiness eye cream
This is a lovely cream to use, it goes on smoothly and I like the fact that it isn’t highly perfumed like some products. Also, the size is generous so it will last for ages. I can’t say I noticed a difference in the puffiness around my eyes however but I will definitely keep using it, maybe it just takes a time to work.
It worked.
I applied the cream as per the instructions. You do only need a small amount. The first morning, I did notice that the area under my eyes was completely smooth.
Gorgeous texture
This eye cream has a gorgeous texture, it is light but smooth and creamy. It is very soothing and calming and does appear to reduce puffiness. Very impressed with this product and have no hesitation in including it in my 'must haves'
Great eye cream,in a smart little pot.
After trying numerous eye cream I was a little septical but I was pleasantly surprised. Took a couple of days but I can definitely see an improvement. The cream is the right consistency and blends very well without leaving you with shiny eyes. Definitely be buying more
Eye Cream
It was a very thick cream so you didn't need to put a lot on your face. It absorbed very quickly and a although at the moment I haven't saw a huge difference, the area around my eyes doesn't feel or look quite as puffy.
Loved the product...
I loved the cream, it smelt lovely and glided onto my face very easily. It did reduce some of my puffiness which I have under my eyes but didn't completely remove then. I would purchase this cream because of the smell and how easy it went on.
Nivea 60 eye cream
First impressions were the cream had a very mild, nice smell. You really don’t need to use very much of the eye cream and although it sank into the skin very quickly it felt quite thin. Haven't used it for long enough to see a real difference yet.
Nivea Q10
Light and absorbent ,definitely saw a difference ,reduced puffiness ,overall I’m happy with this product ,nice to have something specifically designed for older skin
Soft and gentle.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a slight improvement after using this cream for a week. I think used regularly this cream will help keep the puffiness away. I would definitely recommend using it.
Q10 Anti-Wrinkle 60 Eye Cream
Prior to using this cream, my under eye area always felt "rough" to the touch. I have been using Q10 for just over a week and there has been a significant change. The eye area is definitely softer and smoother. I am very pleased with this outcome and will continue to use the cream.
NIVEA Q10 60 Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream
I have been using my eye cream for 14 days. I have not noticed any significant difference to my eye puffiness or fine lines. The cream was not as easy to apply as my previous eye cream which was in a narrow tube. i have found that my eyes have been quite blurred some days. I would not purchase this product.
Nivea Q10 60 Eye Cream
Great for sensitive eyes Really good eye cream. I can recommend for sensitive skins as I often react to eye cream. This cream was nourishing and moisturising. The cream absorbs into the eye area very quickly not greasy at all, and i was soon ready for daily face cream. After a few days I have noticed my eyes are less puffy and are around eyes look less wrinkled will definitely be buying more.
Reduces puffy eyes quickly
This cream is easy to apply and helps to reduce my puffy eyes . It has a pleasant texture and hardly any smell
Indulgent and creamy
When I first opened the pot and saw that the cream was pink, I was expecting a highly scented cream. Fortunately, this was not the case. The cream is totally unscented. It is rich, creamy and smooth and feels indulgent when applying to the eye area. Only a little is needed on the tips of my fingers, making it a good value product. A longer use period will be needed to assess its anti-puffiness qualities, but it's certainly a good start.

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