Nood Hairball & Weight Control Cat Food

4.8 5 0 8 8 Complete food for adult cats. Packed with superfoods & probiotics for immune support + healthy digestion
Nood Hairball & Weight Control Cat Food


We have a winner!
Having tried every kibble out there, I’ve finally found one that both of my cats love! The price is really reasonable too which is an added bonus. My cats seem happier and more energetic and always excited for me to refill the bowl. I would give 6 stars if k could
1 out of three cats
Only one out of my three cats preferred this over their usual dried food. Surprising as usually the three like the same food. I would buy again but only the smaller packs just in case the third cays decided to stand in solidarity with the others !
Very good
My cat is normally really fussy but she really liked the food.Content is really good and can be bought in pretty much any supermarket.She really likes the dry food, again good quality.
Very Meaty
Both my cats are super fond of this variety of food. Our boy is very fussy and turns his nose up a lot of cat foods, but this has been a hit. Cats also seem calm and happy afterwards, u like some foods that obviously have too many ?sugars and leaves them climbing the walls. I like that it's easy to buy and available in most supermarkets too.
super cats food
My cat is very picky and it is very difficult to find the right food that he would be happy with. I am surprised because NOOD food immediately appealed to my cat and he devours it without restraint.
Must be good
This is the first time that my cat has tried wet food pouches from Nood. He's not so keen on the dry food, but he is a picky eater. So I was pleasantly surprised when he finished his bowl of wet food. Must be good!
Great for all cats
My cats loves the wet food pouches from Nood. Its the first time that he's actually tried to chew the packaging before he's actually tried it for the first time. I give him a half packet at a time so he doesn't gorge himself. I might try the dry food next.
My Picky Cat Loves It
I have been struggling with my cat as he has very particular tastes and has massive health issues which reduced his appetite by a lot. However, as a chance I gave it to try to him and he does love it, eats it daily morning and evening half a pack and so far had no issues with flavours either.

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