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Good product
These are good but I only use them occasionally as my daily and nightly routine I am using other cream, it feels nice on skin
Ideal holiday companion
Wonderful to pop into your handbag - refresh any time anywhere. Doesn't leave skin feeling 'tight' as wet wipe cleansers do. YOU REALLY MUST TRY THEM YOU'LL NEVER USE ANTHING ELSE AGAIN. Leaves skin feeling really clean and fresh.
these are so simple and easy to use. foam up well. really clean you face and remove stubborn makeup. the fragrance is just right not to overpowering. highly recommened in fact i brought another packet. my daughter loves them too.
My skin used to be so greasy and prone to spots till I found this product and started using it now it’s so refreshed looking and hardly ever get any spots! I’m so pleased and would definitely recommend
Great for travellers or sharing products
These are a good introduction to teens to gentle exfoliate their skin. Smell is great, and is moisturising. Doesn't hurt too much if it gets into your eye
Top Product
Top product - I have skin prone to spots and greasy patches but these cloths cleansed my skin thoroughly without over-drying or causing any spots - top product, would use again
Love these!!
These are my favourite way to take makeup off as they cleanse amazingly well but also leave skin feeling like it’s been treated to a facial! More gentle than wet wipes and ideal for travel as they are dry absolutely love them
Great for taking off stubborn make up
I bought these a few months ago and I found they were amazing at taking make up off. I go in with one of these facial wipes first to get off as much make up as I can then I go in with another cleanser to wash my face. They don't have any fragrance, which I do prefer in my skin care. They lather up extremely well and the cloth doesn't rip easily which is great as I rinse this and use to wipe the foam off my ace. I usually get these when they are on offer. I always have back ups just incase!
Easy all in one skin step
These cloths are fantastic, and cut out many steps from my skincare routine! Make up removing, cleansing, exfoliating all in one- amazing! The only downside is that they need water, they would be EVEN better if you could just get them straight out of the packet.
A must have
Olay has never let me down and these Daily Facials are just great use them morning and night. knowing it has 5 in 1 cleansing power I know I have it covered in one go. Great product. And my skin feels and looks great.
I like that these wipes are dry - the other wet brands always dry out as the package won't stay closed. I wear "heavy" make-up every day (eye and face primer, full coverage foundation, gel liner and waterproof mascara - that's nearly impossible to remove with other wipes...). I'm not using oil to remove my makeup anymore - one Olay wipe is enough to leave my face clean, so simple.
Convenient and caring!
These cloths are so convenient for busy people like myself who do not have time for a thorough skin care routine. All you need to do is apply water to the cloth and you’re ready to cleanse. These cloths are very effective at cleansing and removed all of my makeup. After using the cloths my skin felt soft and moisturised. I would definitely purchase again in the future.
Convenient and cleans well
These daily cloths are great when travelling and clean really well, just add water and the cloth gets very foamy. I felt like these cloths gave a really good clean and my face felt refreshed after use although a little dry.
Brilliant for face
Tried these after a friend recommended them. Absolutely essential to keep these on hand. Make my skin feel soft and fresh.

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