4.6 5 0 11 11 OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution keeps your lenses clean and comfortable. It is all you need for daily care for any soft contact lenses. Fungicidal. Bactericidal. Kills Acanthamoeba. Comfort that lasts all day Cleans, rinses, disinfects, rewets & stores No rub lasting comfort formula Removes protein daily for all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogels Enhanced disinfection No separate enzyme cleaner required
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Lens solution you can trust
The only solution recommended by my optician. It hydrates and cleans, leaving my eyes feel comfortable all day. I would not use any other solution.
Can’t recommend enough
I have been using this for years and I can’t complain - fantastic product for contact lens wearer-doesn’t dry my eyes out and keeps them very comfortable all day especially as I wear them all Dav long. Definitely worth a buy especially if there is a discount so stock up!
Only Opti-free for me
I have tried other lense cleaners but this is the only one that is very comfortable for a long time.
Brilliant lense cleaner... Highly recommend
I wouldn't clean my lenses with any other solution. This solution came highly recommend by my opticians 6years ago and I've been using it ever since It's great value for money. Easy to get hold of sell it in supermarkets Long lasting date and once opened last several months. It keeps your lenses clean for several days in its case if you are not using them. Doesn't dry out your lenses or cause irritation. Don't need much solution so the size will last. Also perfect for cleaning your lenses if needed throughout the day. Ie, if I found I needed to clean my lenses for some reason throughout the day, I just took them out and gently massaged them into the solution and put them back in. No problems Highly highly recommend this excellent lense solution.
Kind to my eyes
This is the best contact solution I've ever used it's not soapy like some can be and it dosent sting my eyes like others I have tried
This is the only solution I have ever used for my lenses. No complains whatsoever! Everything is perfect and I love it.
Loved it!!!
Loved the way it made my contacts clearer and cleaner and helped keep dirt and other particles out of my eyea
Pure. Eye comfort your sight is crystal clear and gentle
Optic free is the word this solution makes your optical experience the best in your life calming,cooling and comforting. A real hero
Solution for contacts
Been using for my contacts for 8 months. I have quite dry eyes and this helps keep my lenses feeling comfortable and clean.
Very Moisture
I used this contact lens lubricant solution the past 10 years. Always stocked up when it was in good price. The solution has longer protection and moisture my contact lens the whole day long.
The best solution so far
We use the Opti Free solution regularly in our household and so far I believe it is the best. Sometimes we do switch to others but only if the Opti Free is not stocked in the store. It is a bit more expensive than others but I think it is worth it.

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