4.5 5 0 109 109 The Oral-B 3D White Whitening Therapy Collection is formulated with an Active Mineral Complex. The enamel care formula beautifully whitens via surface stains removal and nourishes the teeth to strengthen the enamel.
Oral-B 3D White Therapy Enamel Toothpaste
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So I've bought this toothpaste a few weeks thinking it's gonna work wonders. Apart from the very refreshing aftertaste, there isn't much whitening happening?! Rather disappointed since it's not very cheap.
I recommend this paste is great fresh breath lasts a long time and makes it snowy white and you want to smile all the time I recommend efficient and long-lasting paste recommend
A great toothpaste
I love this product, it’s a wonderful toothpaste with amazing effects, keeps teeth looking sparkly white, clean, fresh, smooth and hygienic. It’s got a pleasant taste, it has helped my gums a lot. I’m very happy with it and would recommend as nothing needs changing here, it’s perfect.
My favorite toothpaste. I was looking for a whitening toothpaste and this one is great, after a few days I noticed that my teeth became whiter. I would recommend.
Really liked this toothpaste, I noticed how white my teeth looked after a few uses, my mouth always feels clean and fresh after using it .
works well
I'm an ex-smoker who drinks coffee and a lot of herbal teas that have stained my teeth. Within about 3/4 days we saw a drastic difference, most of the stains were gone and we looked so much healthier. I was a sceptic but I won't use anything else.
Oral-B 3D White Therapy Enamel Toothpaste
Was hoping that it could get rid of a rather stained tooth of mine that I can't seem to clean great .. but it did a bang up job on rest of my teeth.. dos. I am impressed with it. Will buy again... I really felt fresh after brushing my teeth...
I enjoy trying different tooth paste and oral products. If the toothpaste hadn’t done the job by the end of the tube then always try another. I tried this on my quest for a cleaner mouth and wasn’t left disappointed. Cheap price too for how it works
Lovely Taste
I have been using this toothpaste for a while and have noticed a good improvement in the whiteness. I smoke and am a coffee drinker which stains my teeth quite a bit. Previous toothpastes I found never removed the stains but this one seems to. I also love the taste. I have used other oral b toothpastes which I don’t like the taste but this one is not as harsh
Works well
I use this toothpaste regularly and have done so for a few months. It's definitely helped with whitening my teeth as a smoker my teeth can be slightly yellow, but since using this their nice and white with no stains
White tooth
I had to have a root canal treatment but my tooth turned a funny colour after. This toothpaste seems to make it white again so I use twice a day. Nice fresh taste.
Its ok
I like this tooth paste as it has a taste to it, It help freshen breath but it takes its time in whitening teeth. I use it twice a day since I brought it from my local store. My teeth are kind of white but not fully white.
Clean teeth
This has to be the best toothpaste on the market you fell like you've been to the dentist every time you clean your teeth the power of the mint is not overpowering it does not burn your mouth when brushing your teeth it's a good all round toothpaste and protects and whitens all in one and gives fresh breath
Oral b
Good clean feeling after brushing. Mouth felt fresh and teeth felt really clean
Whitening toothpaste that works!
I have tried several whitening toothpastes and this is by far the best. It tastes pleasant and there has been a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth after a few weeks of use. My husband has used it and I can see a difference in his teeth too. We will definitely buy this again.

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