Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science Whitening Toothpaste 75Ml

4.5 5 0 151 151 Oral-B Pro/Exp Adv/Sci Whtng Toothpaste 75ml Oral-B Pro-Expert Advanced Science Extra White Toothpaste is professionally designed & clinically proven: it stops issues before they start, helping prevent bacterial plaque effects for 24 hours when used twice a day as well as adhesion to teeth & gums Professionally designed & clinically proven Extra White Toothpaste Triple Action toothpaste: Prevents, Strengthens, Cleans PREVENTS: Stops issues before they start, preventing plaque effects for 24 hours when used twice a day STRENGTHENS: Actively strengths by remineralising enamel CLEANS: Provides a clean feeling for the whole mouth, with Dual Action Cleaning Booster: Stannous Fluoride Complex + anti-plaque Mineral Inhibits plaque regrowth in hard-to-reach areas Attacks & helps lift away bacterial plaque Recyclable Carton & Tube: please recycle me. For more info please check with your local recycling facility
Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science Whitening Toothpaste 75Ml


No difference yet
Purchased at boots for half price. Using it at the moment but can’t see any difference at the moment (over a week). I wish Colgate still did total with the original formula that was the best on the market.
I won’t buy again
I bought this in a half price offer. I thought it must be good as expensive. I could see no additional whitening to my normal whitening toothpaste. I don’t have stained teeth I just like to keep them white but this didn’t really do that. Very disappointed. I would never buy at full price.
Recommend by my dentist
After being recommended by the dentist to use this protect, i bought it from Asda. It felt great on my teeth especially after i had eaten too, my teeth still felt smooth! Its a little pricey compared to other toothpaste’s on the market but its worth it! Especially if your thinking about looking after your teeth! This is now my go to toothpaste!
I’m a smoker and having been for far too long now. As any smoker would agree there’s a mild paranoia about yellowing if the teeth, this is without drinking tea and/or coffee on top on this as well. I’ve used this product and even after the first 2minute brush it felt like it had started working.
Great oral b tooth paste.
This is a great tooth paste from Oral B. It leaves your teeth feeling clean and your mouth fresh. It doesn’t leave a horrible after taste like some other brands do. It’s my go to tooth paste.
Not amazing
The texture is very grainy and leaves residue on teeth that doesn’t feel nice especially when your teeth rub together. Leave a polished feeling. Doesn’t foam up. Not very nice minty taste.
Clean feeling
I found this gave you a really clean feeling after every brush. Great taste and made you feel refreshed
Advance Clean
Oral B advance clean tooth paste cleans wells, prevents plaques and retains shiny teeth..
Cleans well and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. No overpowering taste.
Teeth whitner
Wow love this product one of my favourites leaves my teeth feeling so fresh white and does not make them sensetive
Cleans well, mouth feel refreshed and freshh all day.
Oral b is my favourite toothpaste I never use anything else even though I have tried others. The taste and fresh breath after brushing is refreshing.
Oralb Adavnced science toothpaste
Thr oral b Advanced science toothpaste is such a game changer to thr other brands its more advanced leave your teeth feeling bright & fresh like you have had a deep clean at the dentist.only need a small amount & really goes a long way! It leaves your mouth feeling fresh, also the paste itself is fab isn't so strong nd really lathers everywhere in your mouth would recommend this cracking toothpaste to anyone that wants brighter n whiter teeth & a clean healthy mouth.
Very good
Great toothpaste, cleans well, leaves teeth clean and tidy and fresh breath
Honestly I love this toothpaste , being a smoker and drinking fizzy drinks is really rough on the teeth and after having fillings my teeth are so sensitive which means when coming to toothpaste and toothbrushes I seriously have to be careful.This toothpaste is so good for sensitive teeth would definitely recommend and affordable too.

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